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Paintball Rules

Paintball Game & Safety Rules


1. FACE MASK – DO NOT REMOVE your facemask for any reason once you enter the playing field or are in the DEAD ZONE. You must keep it on until told by your field referee that it is safe to remove it.

2. BARREL PLUG/GUN SAFETY – The gun’s barrel plug must remain in the gun at all times and the safety in the locked position until you are told by your field referee to remove them. The plug should be removed only during game play. We do not rely solely on trigger safety locks.

3. BLIND FIRING – You must always have your target in sight before firing. DO NOT pull the trigger of your gun without knowing what you are shooting at.

4. SURRENDER RULE – DO NOT shoot a player at a distance of less than 25 FEET. If you can approach an opposing player at point blank range, give him the chance to surrender by yelling “SURRENDER!” The surrendering player should put his barrel plug in the gun and yell “I’M OUT!” If that player chooses not to surrender, turns and points his gun towards you, shoot fast or be shot!

5. Keep your mask securely on your head at all times while on the field, keep your barrel plug in the gun until play begins and listen to the directions of your field referee(s) at all times.

6. The Field Referees are in control of the game and all players. Follow their instructions to the letter and you’ll have a great time. Any player guilty of violating the Referees instructions will be suspended from further play with no refund of their activity fee.

7. I.M. matches will consist of a best of three format between teams of 5 players each. Teams will be allowed to play with only four if necessary

8. Any player that is hit is out for the remainder of that game. When hit or the game referee has eliminated you, you must raise the marker (gun) over your head and walk to the safety area on the field perimeter

9. A player whose marker runs out of CO2, shoots all their paintballs or has their marker malfunction is not out of the game and may still attempt to be the player to Capture the Flag until hit



Paintball is a game of “TAG or elimination and can be played in the classic “CAPTURE THE FLAG” scenario game. If you are hit by a paintball anywhere on your body, facemask or gun, and the paintball breaks (sometimes the balls will bounce off without breaking) and leaves a splat of paint, you are eliminated (DEAD) for that game. If you are eliminated, stay low, put your barrel plug into the gun, raise your gun overhead and start yelling “DEAD”, to alert players and the referee that you have been eliminated. Follow your referee’s directions to get off of the field and into the DEAD ZONE. Remember, while in the DEAD ZONE, no coaching teammates still on the field – “Dead Men Don’t Talk!” The referee will determine the winning team by taking a count of the team with the most players “alive” at the end of timed game play or, in the case of

CAPTURE THE FLAG, whenever a player legally retrieves the FLAG and retreats to the safety of their lines and back to their HEADQUARTERS. If the person carrying the flag back to HQ is shot, they must immediately set the flag down no closer to their HQ, and it’s available to be picked up by another member of either team as they then try to advance it to the HQ of their team. Please listen to and follow the directions of your field referee at the beginning and end of each game.



Make sure that your safety mask is securely tightened to your head. The head straps are adjustable by sliding the clips. Use water and tissue to clean the mask between games.

DO NOT pick up paintballs from the ground and put them into your gun (there is no 3 second rule with paintballs). Any dirt/sawdust on the balls will jam the gun.

The paintball guns are CO2 powered and are semi-automatic. Every time you pull the trigger the gun will shoot a paintball. Never pull the trigger when the barrel plug is in the gun. The guns MUST be held in an upright position (with the paintball hopper on top) to fire properly. DO NOT tip the gun sideways to shoot. The guns will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, to avoid jams remove your finger from the trigger after each shot to allow the next paintball a chance to load.

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