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5 x 5 Basketball Rules

(Revised 9/29/15)
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5 x 5 Basketball Rules

Team Jerseys: All teams must wear a matching set of numbered jerseys with numbers on the back (numbers must be at least 8" high). Numbered sets will be available for checking out prior to the game or teams may bring their own. A team member leaving their Eagle Card as collateral prior to the game may check out a set of numbered jerseys from the I.M. Office.
Personal Fouls: Any player receiving their 4th personal foul will be disqualified from the game and may not return for that game. Any team guilty of having player(s) switching or changing jerseys will be required to forfeit that game and may face further penalties for cheating.
Game Rosters: While teams may still have unlimited players on their roster, only 10 may dress for any one game and they must be listed on the site for active team rosters. Teams may start with less than 10 players and add players once the game starts until they reach their maximum allotted number of 10, but may not switch a player that is ejected or leaves early or is injured with another player using the same number.

1. The I.M. program will supply game balls, colored vests, scorekeepers & officials.
2. Proper athletic shoes must be worn while playing.
3. Game officials will instruct all players to remove jewelry that may pose a safety risk.

1. Games shall consist of two (2) twenty minute halves. The clock will remain running with the exception of the last two minutes of the second half, in which the clock will stop in dead ball situations. Any lead of 15 points or more in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half will lead to automatic stoppage of play.
2. Each team must have a minimum of four to play and may dress no more than 10 per game. Any team found guilty of switching jerseys or players after a game has started, will lead to automatic ejection of the guilty player(s) and may also lead to a forfeit of that game.
3. Forfeit time is five (5) minutes after scheduled game time.

1. Each team will be allowed only two, thirty-second time outs per half.
2. Half time will be two (2) minutes long.
3. Substitutions may be made during dead ball situations only and must be made at the scorekeeper's table. Substitute players may not enter without the official's approval.
4. On and after the 6th team foul, the offended team will be awarded a two-shot bonus on all fouls, including offensive fouls. All shooting fouls will result in free throws being awarded (1-2 or 3 depending on the situation). Technical fouls result in 1 free throw and retained ball possession.
5. Players are allowed 4 personal fouls. On the 4th personal foul, the player is considered to have "fouled out" and must be removed from the game. Technical fouls count as personal fouls
6. Two technical fouls will result in ejection from the game. Any player who is ejected must leave the area immediately or their team will forfeit the game.
7. The alternating possession rule will be used instead of a jump ball.
8. Players in the lanes must wait for the release before entering the lane on a free throw attempt. The shooter and other players must wait until the ball hits the rim.

1. Tie games during league play will remain tied. Playoff Tie Breaker: Tie games during playoffs will result in a three (3) minute overtime period (2 minutes running clock, 1 minute dead ball stoppage time) with each team receiving 1 time-out.
2. Any player contact with the rim will result in a technical foul, with no points awarded, whether it happens during the game or during warm-ups.

1. Teams must have a minimum of two (2) female players on the court at all times.
2. A male player may not leave his feet to block, alter, or attempt to block a female players shot. Any illegal block or block attempt shall result in a "goaltending" call with the appropriate points being awarded. Reminder: this rule is only in effect once the female shooter gets in the shot release position and does not prevent defenders from stripping the ball, double-teaming, or trapping any player
3. The game ball will be an official size men's ball.

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