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3 x 3 Indoor Soccer Rules

3 x 3 Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Rules


1. Coed teams will consist of 4 players with a minimum of 2 needed to start. There must be at least one male & one female on the court/field at all times

2. All games will be 15 minutes long or the first team to score 6 goals, whichever comes first. If the score is tied after 15 minutes, a PK Shootout (no goalkeeper) will decide the winner with all eligible (3 or 4) players taking the shots. If still tied, the PK Shootout will become Sudden Death. In a SD Shootout, players must follow the same order as the original shootout and if a team starts with four in the first shootout, it must follow the same four-player order of shooting in the SD shootout.

3. Each team will get one timeout (30 second) per game

4. All kicks will be INDIRECT and must touch another player before a goal can be scored. All INDIRECT KICKS will be taken from the center circle with the wall no closer than 15’ to the kicker nor closer than 15’ to the goal box

5. Any ball going out of play will result in a corner kick in the corner closest to the spot it went out of play

6. Players may play the ball off of the back and sidewalls. If the ball goes out of play, it will be awarded to the team the official feels did not knock it out

7. Players must always keep the ball below head high. If a player intentionally plays the ball over head high, it shall be ruled dead at the spot and awarded to the opposing team

8. There will be no intentional contact allowed. Any player guilty of initiating contact may be assessed a yellow or red card depending on the nature of the contact

9. No player may enter the “Goal Box”, so designated by the blue tapeline around the goal.

10. If a player is guilty of defending inside the Goal Box, goaltending shall be called and the shooting team awarded one goal

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