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EWU Laser Tag

EWU Laser Tag

Welcome to EWU Laser Tag! Laser Tag is a fast paced game where players try to "Tag" their opponent to score points while avoiding getting tagged, which costs them points. Players can shoot from protected areas, from behind the many bunkers/barricades or out in the open commando style! Games can be individual or team based and last approximately 15-20 minutes. Seeing the "red spot" light up on your target is exciting and the added dramatic effect of the smoke from our fog machines makes things that much better. Each game has 20 available laser/vest combos so there really is plenty of room.

This is the perfect setting for student groups and organizations, campus departments, Greek chapters and residence hall teams to come over and have some fun. With games being played primarily in the PUB MPR and Jim Thorpe Fieldhouse, it's easily accessible to the EWU community.

Persons with special needs may make arrangements for accommodations by contacting the Intramural Sports Office at 509.359.4836 at least three (3) days prior to the event.


Game Costs


FREE for all currently enrolled EWU students/faculty/staff. Friends and immediate family members may also participate with prior approval from the Director of Campus recreation.


Game Scheduling and Reservations


Laser Tag will have posted, regularly scheduled dates each quarter and is also available for group reservations each night through the Intramural Sports Office.

 Group reservation requests of one hour will be taken but must be held with a credit card or current Eagle Card.  While there is no charge for an EWU affiliated group, student organization, academic program or faculty/staff group, any reservation request that is not canceled at least 48 hours in advance, will be assessed a $50 fee.  Groups reserving a time may decide to play individual or team game formats and may play for up to 20 minutes per game during their reserved time.  Groups must consist of at least 15 players. Additional games may be added based on time available and participant request.

Call 509.359.4836 for Group Reservations!


Who’s Eligible to Play?


EWU Laser Tag is open only to EWU students, faculty, staff and immediate family members. Outside groups are not able to participate without permission from the Director of Campus Recreation. Guest passes are available upon request for visiting relatives, alumni & friends. All players must have their current EAGLE CARD with them at check-in time.


Check-In Procedures


All players must bring their Eagle Card when checking in and should show up at least 20 minutes prior to the time in which they would like to play. All non-reserved games are filled on a first-come basis.


Laser Facts


Many people immediately leap to the conclusion that "Laser" must be the highly potent beam of light that can cut through most items with ease. There are 4 levels of Laser Classifications with "4" being the highest energy source and "1" the least. The equipment used in these activities are Class 1 beams which are 1/4 second bursts of light, 3 milliamps in strength, which are not dangerous to participants in any way. Without the added visual effect of fog machines, you wouldn't even see the light unless you were directly across from the light source, in this case the person aiming their laser at you.


 Game Set Up


While there are many different games to play, the most common format will be individual or capture the flag. All players are required to attend a pre-game orientation session where all rules and policies will be explained in detail. The game field setup will be a combination of inflatable bunkers and movable PVC barricades, mixed with smoke machines and music to enhance your Laser Tag experience. Players may move from bunker to bunker to gain an advantage from an opponent. Players must stay on their feet at all times and may not lay on the ground at any moment to shoot. IM champions shirts will be awarded at the end of each evening of play to the players male/female scoring the highest amount of points or most game wins of each night, as determined by the game staff.



Laser Tag Schedule:

Laser tag will begin play Winter 2017






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