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How To Start An I.M. Team

There are many ways to create or join an I.M. team. You can form a team with people from your residence hall, individuals from class, or just a group of your friends. Individuals without a team affiliation are designated as FREE AGENTS and may join a team by searching on for teams looking for additional players.  Free agents may also join a team by attending games, finding a team in need of players, and asking the team captain if they could join their team. 
The following is a list of steps for creating an I.M. team:
  1. Create your free account at
  2. Choose a team name, captain, the day/night you wish to play, and the level you wish to play at (Competitive=Comp, Recreational=Rec)
  3. Complete step 2 by the listed deadline on
  4. Inform your players of the team name, day/night you chose to play on, and league level you chose, so they can create their own IMleagues account and join the team
  5. For any questions/additional information contact the I.M. office at (509) 359-4836



Please note, the IM staff reserves the right to alter an intramural team name if it is judged to be obscene, derogatory, vulgar, offensive, if it contains profanity or is not within the spirit of good sportsmanship. The team will not be entered officially until the name is suitable to the I.M. staff.

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