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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between club sports and intramurals? 

Club Sport Federation (CSF) groups are for students who want to compete or train in a certain sport while possibly representing EWU in club level competitions. CSF teams select their own student officers and the membership of each club has a stake in all decisions made concerning the club. CSF teams practice during the week and play most of their games on weekends. Intramural Sports  (I.M.) consist of EWU students, faculty and staff that compete against each other in organized leagues and tournaments within the campus on a more recreational level.



What is the difference between club sports and the varsity athletic program?  

CSF teams are organized and managed by students. They range from competitive to recreational to instructional and are funded by S&A Fees, club fundraisers, and membership dues. Clubs compete against other university club teams mainly in the Northwest. Varsity athletic sports are housed in the Athletic Department and compete in NCAA competition with scholarship athletes.



How do I find more information including contact information for CSF teams? 

Contact names and email addresses for each club, links to their individual pages, and other club related information is available on the find a club sport page to the left. Please contact Travis Allen at (509) 359-4013 or via email at if you have any questions about a specific club or need help regarding CSF groups.



Are the clubs competitive, recreational, or instructional? 

There are currently 30+ club sport teams at EWU; they provide a wide variety of activities and recreational pursuits. Some clubs are only competitive, recreational, or instructional, while other clubs may have a combination of these elements.  Contact the club to inquire about its level of competition.


Are there fees to participate with clubs? 

Since CSF teams are student led organizations, the clubs decide on the level of membership dues. Most clubs choose to charge membership dues in order to assist with the operating costs of the club. These fees may be used to pay for travel, uniforms, equipment, facilities, or possible referee fees.



Do these clubs have try-outs? 

All clubs are open to any student, of any gender or skill level wanting to participate. However, there are clubs that do hold try-outs due to their competitive nature and limited facilities. Any such try-out will be advertised so all interested persons will be aware of any and all try-out issues.



What is the time commitment?  

Practice times vary by club. Most CSF teams practice 2–3 times a week for about two hours per practice. Practice times vary depending on availability, weather, and student class schedules.



Where is the club sports office located? 

University Recreation Center - 201

(509) 359-4013,

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