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If you don't find your company in this list, please fill out the matching gift inquiry form and you will receive a response within 24 business hours.


Does Microsoft have an employee matching gifts program?


Instructions for employees: Contact Retirees must call 877.500.8645 to register gift. Staff gifts - minimum of $50; maximum of $7,500 Partner gifts - minimum of $500; maximum of $7,500. The company has a specific list of schools that they will match to. They evaluate the list each year. Priority is given to schools that employees have attended. The company will make an exception if a retiree or partner wants to make a donation to a particular school. The company will match their donation, at a minimum of $2,500.

Wells Fargo & Company

Instructions for employees: Contact the "Matching Gift Program" by email: -or- by telephone: 888.518.4438. Detailed information will be provided

Merrill Lynch

Instructions for employees: Complete form located at: Merrill Lynch Matching Gift Program


The "Matching Gifts Program" matches employee donations to eligible institutions. Macy's Inc. has a Corporate Matching Gift Program, which matches employee gifts from $50 to $20,000. Matching gifts are made to eligible non-profit educational institutions, arts/cultural institutions, and special focus programs - Breast Cancer, Community Based Domestic Violence, Food Aid, and HIV/AIDS. Learn more on the Matching Gift Program by calling 1.800.838.2063.

Russell Investment Group

Instructions for employees: Contact the "Matching Gift Program" by email: -or- by telephone: 877.698.5837. Detailed information will be provided.

Bank of America

Bank of America Matching Gifts

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