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Cheney, WA 99004
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Photocopying and Scanning

Photocopy Services

  • Self-serve photocopiers are available on the Main Level of the JFK Library. Most library photocopy machines have a coin payment as well as an EagleCard or Guest Card option.
  • Microform reader/printer stations are located on the Lower Level.
  • PHIL and change machines are located on the Main Level by Photocopy. Add money to your Flex or Guest cards or make change for coin-operated machines.
Photocopy service desk personnel are available to make standard copies, transparencies and handle special requests on a first come, first serve basis. Submit job requests at the Circulation Desk.



Self Service Student Copiers
  • $.09 cents with card
  • $.10 cents with coins/bills (published rate: $.11)
  • $.19 cents with coins and card
  • Self Service Micro-form Copiers (microfilm or microfiche)
  • $.09 cents with card
  • $.10 cents with coins/bills (published rate: $.12)

    Photocopy Counter 

    • $.13  Photocopies
    • $.26  Double-sided Photocopies (Duplex)
    • $.18  Thesis Paper (on request)
    • $.57  Transparencies
    • $.28  Micro-form (film or fiche)
    Non-university job requests - cost plus $10.00 service charge.
    Effective Thursday, July 1, 2010 ~ All prices subject to change.


    A scanner is located on the lower level of the JFK Library (near the printer).  Once you have finished scanning your documents, you can save them to NetStorage, E-mail them to yourself or print them.  You can pay for printing using your STF print credit or EagleFlex.
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