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EWU Libraries
320 Media Lane, 100 LIB
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.7888

EWU Libraries' Mission and Goals

The EWU Libraries: Partners of Learning - Leaders of Engagement

Welcome to the Eastern Washington University Libraries. Our mission is to stimulate and support intellectual inquiry; an affirmation and reflection of the mission and vision of Eastern Washington University. 

The University Libraries embrace our role as partners of learning and leaders of engagement as we continue to expand our vision of how to promote student success with quality, diversity, collaboration, and literacy as cornerstones.

In fulfillment of this commitment to enhance the academic and research culture, the University Libraries will continue to:

  • provide access to reputable resources that support the curriculum and individual inquiry
  • promote cultural diversity, increase cross-cultural exchanges and encourage positive interaction through events, multi-thematic/disciplinary programs, and access to virtual and physical resources
  • foster collaborative and individual learning through collections, instruction, services, campus and community partnerships, and the creation of an environment conducive to exploration and learning
  • encourage and facilitate critical thinking, information competence, intellectual independence, and lifelong learning skills
  • develop identifiable spaces for students that are responsive to university values
  • build on social learning as a key to student success
  • promote social responsibility and a greater sense of community and identity through faculty, staff, and student participation and engagement.

The campus community and interested stakeholders are invited to partner with the Eastern Washington University Libraries as we harness change and meet the challenges of the 21st century.  Libraries are essential to co-creating and transforming learning communities and supporting access to diverse resources that are available at the point of need for research and individual inquiry.  Join us as partners in promoting and sustaining excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies, and in creating an intellectual center that benefits the community.        


EWU Libraries' Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal 1: Organizational Culture

Develop and support a workforce that is engaged, skilled, and able to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

Strategic Goal 2: Scholarship Support and Promotion

Support and advocate changes in scholarly publishing.

Strategic Goal 3: User Experience

Create a sustainable, high-quality user experience that is accessible and not location-bound.

Strategic Goal 4: Teaching/Learning Role

Strengthen the teaching role through academic partnership and greater emphasis on learner-centered practices as expressed in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Strategic Goal 5:  Digital Infrastructure

Build a responsive digital infrastructure supportive of expansion to reflect evolving modes of instruction, research, and scholarly communications

Strategic Goal 6: Collections (Build and Enhance)

Establish processes and work proactively through creative partnerships with regional peer institutions and organizations nationally and internationally to build, maintain, preserve, and make widely accessible a full spectrum of research and informational materials, tangible and digital in all formats.

Strategic Goal 7: Outreach and Marketing

Engage with library users, campus and community partners through strategies that make the Libraries' resources, services, and programs more visible, highly-accessible, and demand-driven.

Strategic Goal 8: Data-Driven Exploration & Decision Making

Develop a data-aware organization that embraces exploration of data and evidence-based decision making.



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