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Copy, Scan, and Print

Copy, Scan, and Print in JFK Library

Ask at a service desk for help with a machine.


JFK Locations: 

Main Level  

Swipe your EagleCard or Guest Card at a copy machine to make photocopies. Pay for copies using your Student Tech Fee print credit first, and your Eagle Flex balance second.  

Copy Fees Black and white $0.10 8.5"x11" $0.10 8.5"x14" Color $0.50 8.5"x11" $0.50 8.5"x14"


JFK Locations: 

Lower Level and Main Level    

Use your Single Sign-On at scanners and scan (no fee) to the following.  

  • Thumb drive
  • Email
  • NetStorage
  • Printer (print fees apply at printers)
  • More!  

JFK Locations:

All Three Levels    

Swipe your EagleCard or Guest Card at a printer station to release your print job. Pay for prints using your Student Tech Fee print credit first, and your Eagle Flex balance second.


Print Fees Black and white $0.05 8.5"x11" $0.07 8.5"x11" duplex $0.07 8.5"x14" $0.10 11"x17" Color (MMC only) $0.50 8.5"x11" $0.50 8.5"x14" $0.75 11"x17" $0.75 12"x18" $0.50 8.5"x11" transparency


How do I print a document?

JFK Library: All JFK computers network with printers on every floor. Select the print option in your application. When prompted, give your print job a name you will recognize at the print station. Visit the nearest print station, and swipe your EagleCard. Find, select, and print your job. You can also print from your laptop to a JFK printer. 

Spokane Academic Library: Use your computer or a library computer to print to wepa. Be sure to select the EWU wepa unit at the print station.

   How do I add money to my EagleCard for printing and copying?

Online. Use myEagleCard, an easy and quick online method to add money using a credit card.   PHIL. Use cash at a PHIL station to add value to your Eagle Flex account. Find PHIL Stations at JFK Library, Spokane Academic Library, and Tawanka Hall.

If you do not have an active Eagle Flex account, visit EagleCard Services in Tawanka Hall.

   What if I do not have an EagleCard?

Purchase a Guest Card using cash for $1 at a library PHIL station.

Add value to your new Guest Card.

   What is wepa printing?   

Wireless everywhere, print anywhere!  Print from a computer, the cloud, uploaded files, flash drive, email, or mobile device.

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