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EWU Libraries
320 Media Lane, 100 LIB
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.7888

Library Study Rooms

Room Use:

  • Rooms are provided for group study, not committee meetings, classes, or lectures (except for room M17). 
  • Lone users may be asked to vacate, as groups have priority. 
  • All study rooms are first-come/first-served unless otherwise reserved.


In addition to being first-come/first-served, students may reserve the rooms identified below.  

RESERVE these rooms at the main level checkout desk one hour in advance.

Student Groups can reserve M17 via EagleSync. 
EWU Departments can reserve M17 via 25Live.


Small groups (2+ people) Medium Groups (5+ people)
Upper U03, U09, U13, U20, U22, U24, U27, U29 U30, U34
Main  M11, M13, M15 M17
Lower L10, L12, L15, L16, L17, L18, L24, L26, L28 L20


  • We accept reservations for groups of two or more; we accept only one booking at a time. 
  • M17:   Reservations exceeding one hour are limited to one instance per week unless approved by library administration. 
  • Make reservations at least one hour in advance.  
  • Reservations are forfeit if the room remains unclaimed ten minutes into the reservation, or if the room is left vacant during the reservation. 
  • Unattended items are taken to lost and found at the main level checkout desk.
  • Rooms are not soundproof; Leave No Trace and other library policies apply.

For Assistance: 

  • Stop by the main level circulation/checkout desk or call 509.359.7888

Maps of Library Study Rooms by Floor: 

Lower Level

Lower Level Library Study Rooms

Main Level: 

Main Level Library Study Rooms

Upper Level:

Upper Level Library Study Rooms

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