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Group Study Rooms


Group Study Rooms

  • This policy applies to the following twelve group study rooms: L10, L12, L15, L16, L17, L18, L20, U03, U09, U13, U30, and U34.
  • The library's group study rooms were designed to enable small and medium sized groups to confer and study together in an enclosed environment so as not to disturb others in the library. They are not to be used for functions such as committee meetings, classes, seminars or lectures for which other facilities are available.
  • The study rooms are available for use by EWU students only.
  • The use of these rooms will not be scheduled in advance, with the following exceptions:

The three larger rooms (L20, U30 and U34) may be reserved
by groups of five or more, for occasional use.

Rooms U03 and L12 may be reserved by groups of two to four,
for occasional use.

The Circulation Desk staff will be responsible for taking the reservations.

Reservations require no less than one hour's advanced notice.

Groups more than 10 minutes late lose their reservation.

  • All unoccupied and unreserved group study rooms may be used by groups of two or more without reservation.However, for the three larger rooms (L20, U30 and U34), groups of five or more always have priority over smaller groups.
  • Study rooms will not be used by fewer than 2 individuals.
  • Since these are not sound proof rooms, noise will be held to acceptable levels.
  • All other applicable library policies, such as those regulating conduct and food/beverage/tobacco use, will apply to the group study rooms.
  • No equipment or materials will be left in the group study rooms overnight.
  • Windows will be kept uncovered and doors will be openable at all times.

Meeting Rooms

  •   This policy applies to the following two meeting rooms: U26 and L03. Room U06 is reserved for use by the Dean of Libraries, and room L02 is reserved for exclusive use of library staff.
  • The library's meeting rooms are intended for the use of library staff and other University groups.
  • Meeting rooms may be used as available, or scheduled through the library's administrative office.
  • Meeting rooms may be used for group study when they are not needed for meetings or not scheduled for use.
  • The library's food/beverage/tobacco policy applies in the meeting rooms covered by this policy.
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