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EWU Libraries
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phone: 509.359.7888

Information for Program Coordinators and Faculty

Distance Education Program Coordinators

In order to ensure prompt access to library services, please send us a list of enrolled students with their:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Class standing
  • Full mailing address, including telephone number and email (if provided)

Also, please indicate the duration of the program (start-up and ending dates).

Send the information to EWU Libraries Faculty Chair Justin Otto.

To coordinate face-to-face library instruction for distance students, please work with distance faculty members and library liaisons to determine optimal scheduling and conditions:

  • One month advance notice is appreciated so that we may arrange for travel authorization and class preparation
  • Determine if the instruction site has a computer lab available for classroom instruction, and if the lab has Internet access.
  • Work with the computer lab manager, if possible, to reserve the lab for an instruction session compatible with class schedules
  • If a training password is required for Internet access, please obtain the password and transmit it to the library instruction liaison

Information for Faculty

Library Instruction for Your Students

To advance the educational goals of information literacy and critical thinking, the EWU Libraries offer online tutorials, class and subject guides, and/or face-to-face instruction in library research methods to distance students in all programs.

  • To integrate library instruction into your curriculum contact your program coordinator, or Faculty Chair Justin Otto,  509.359.7048. You may also choose to correspond directly with the Library Instruction Liaisons for your discipline.
  • Try to schedule at least one month in advance for a face-to-face bibliographic instruction session, and if you have a research-related student assignment, an advance copy to the library liaison would be appreciated.
  • For online tutorials, please contact Justin Otto several weeks in advance.  He will work with you on the content of the tutorials, and whether you want it to be in Canvas or on the library website.

Copyright Issues

Reproduction of copyrighted course materials falls under the Fair Use guidelines in U.S. copyright law, but interpretation and compliance can be problematic. Also, many faculty members are concerned with intellectual property aspects of course materials they personally develop. EWU has compiled materials related to these topics on the following page, which you are invited to peruse:

Copyright Resources

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