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Dr. Charles V. Mutschler

Published: March 14, 2019

Remembering Dr. Charles V. Mutschler

Charles V. Mutschler, Ph.D.

Memorial Services:

Friday, March 15: Emmanuel Lutheran Church is holding a funeral service at 1 p.m. on Friday, March 15, at 639 Elm St. in Cheney, a location with limited seating.

Saturday, March 23: Eastern Washington University is holding a memorial service at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 23 at Showalter Auditorium (second floor). There is no charge for parking at meters and lots on this day.

In Honor of Charles V. Mutschler, Ph.d.

Words never fully capture the essence of a person, and it is with great sadness that we are placed in the position of having to pause and pay homage to Dr. Charles Mutschler, colleague, friend, and long-term Archivist at EWU, who passed away in a car accident.  Life is short, and shorter yet, when we realize that those whom we have known, are no longer with us, and we regret not having focused more on what is most important-the people that are an integral part of the fabric of our lives.

Charlie is known for his deep knowledge of Eastern Washington University and for his affable personality, always ready to offer a helping hand. He began his career at Eastern in 1978 as an Archival Assistant in our Library Archives, while working as a teaching assistant in the Department of History, after earning his BA in History in 1977.  His love of history led to a Masters' in History at EWU, a Masters' in Archives & Records Management from Western and a Ph.D. in History from WSU. A consummate diplomat, colleague, and friend, Charlie embraced life fully and like Rod Stewart, his passion for trains was electric, leading him to remodel his garage to house a noteworthy train set.  It is little wonder that his Ph.D. thesis and subsequently published book was entitled "Wired for Success: A History of the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway, 1892-1985."  En route to a regional conference with Charlie was a trip rich with historical narrative as he brought Washington State to life.

If you didn't have the privilege of sharing a beaker of beer with Charlie after hours, we ask that you raise a glass in honor of Charles Mutschler, University Archivist, Historian, and most importantly a man who touched our lives and made a positive difference. 

-Suzanne Milton, Professor, EWU Libraries


Eastern and the broader community are publishing articles, comments, and videos about Charlie; some of the articles are listsee the list below.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, as more articles are being written. 

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