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Graduate Electronic Thesis Submission Form

Copyrighted Material

•Question #1 is asking you if you have included any pictures, images, etc. that you would need permission to use.

•If you did you will need to have a copy of the permissions documentation saying you can use the images, answer                       'Yes' for #2 in the Copyrighted Material section on your Graduate Thesis Submission Form.

• If you did not get the permission then you must answer 'No' for #2 in the Copyrighted Material section on                             your Graduate Thesis Submission Form and the library will either have to delete or blur the image when they             enter it into the EWU Digital Commons or if you need to requested an Embargo then they will leave the image in             there for the length of the Embargo.

•The JFK Library will contact you if they have any questions.


An embargo temporarily restricts access to your thesis. Three primary reasons for embargoing include:

             1. Your thesis has commercially sensitive content. Perhaps you need time to bring a concept to market or seek                    a patent.

             2. You wish to publish all or part of your thesis using traditional press the regards open access publications as                      equivalent to prior publication. Most publishers do not operate this way by some may. Please do some                            research before choosing to embargo for this reason.

             3. Your thesis contains sensitive data or information.Embargoes are available for one, two, and five years. Once this time has expired, you can request an extension to your embargo. Please consult your committee chair when making the decision as whether or not an embargo is needed for your thesis.To request an embargo answer "Yes" to question #1 in the 'Request for Restriction of Access to Electronic Copy of Thesis to EWU Community' on your Graduate Thesis Submission Form.

Masters Thesis Page

This page traditionally was included in your actual thesis when the library required a bound copy of student theses for the shelves. This page states that this is your work however the JFK Library has legal rights to distribute your work for scholarly purposes.

Thesis Submission Form

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