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1. Title Page:

A title page must be included in the thesis. The student's full legal name is required on the title page. The format illustrated must be precisely followed. Note that title is presented in inverted pyramid style and no page number appears, though it is page i of the thesis. Sample Title Page

2. Signature Page:

The signature page must be part of the thesis and should bear the signatures of all your committee members, however only the committee chair and second committee members are required. If you have a signature line for all three committee members then all three committee members must sign. A blank line on the signature page will not be accepted. Place committee members' names underneath the signature lines. Committee members should sign only when they are satisfied that the thesis meets the standards of the university. The format illustrated must be followed precisely or it will be redone. This page MUST have original signatures. Sample Signature Page

3. Abstract (optional):

An abstract should be no more than 350 words or less. The abstract is a condensed summary of the paper and includes, within the 350-word limit, a description of the research and significant results. Sample Abstract Page

4. Acknowledgements/Introduction (optional):

There are no length requirements or restrictions. This page is optional. Please remember that the purpose of this page is to recognize those who most contributed to the research and writing of the document. The language used in the acknowledgment should be consistent with that used in acknowledgments in journal articles in your field. The manuscript is an academic document. This is not the appropriate place to thank friends, relatives, or companion animals that had nothing to do with the content or research. Sample Acknowledgements Page

5. Table of Contents (optional):

The table of contents lists chapters and other main divisions (first-order subheadings, references/endnotes, and appendixes). The title of each entry and chapter numbering method must correspond exactly to that within the main body of thesis. Page numbers must be specified for all the listings. Do not list "Table of Contents" in the body of the Table of Contents. Also, do not list the first three preliminary pages in the Table of Contents. The first item listed in the Table of Contents is the abstract (if included), then the acknowledgments page (which is optional), etc. Any List of Tables and/or a List of Figures should be included in the Table of Contents. Sample Table of Contents Page

6. List of Tables/Figures (optional):

Although a list of tables and/or figures are not required in all theses, they must be included if you have more than two tables and/or two figures.

7. Main Content:

The final content, academic quality, and correct style and formatting rests with you and your graduate committee.  Sample Main Content Page

8. References:

Formatting of references and citations should follow your style guide. References cited in the text must appear in the references list (including personal communications); conversely, each entry in the reference list must be cited in the text. Do not include works in the reference list that you have not cited in the text. Regardless of style selected, direct quotes cited in the text must include page citations.

9. Appendixes as needed:

10. Vita:

Your Vita is required. Sample Vita 


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