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Submitting Your Thesis

Beginning fall 2016, the Graduate Studies and JFK Library require all theses to be electronically submitted to Graduate Studies at Graduate Studies will no longer require final hard copies for binding and paper copies will not be stored at the JFK Library. However some departments may require you to submit a hard copy to be bound. Please check with your department to see if this is a requirement for you. The process for final electronic thesis submission is below. For help with this process, please call the Graduate Studies office at 509-359-2491 or visit us in Showalter Hall, room 206 for assistance.

1. Before a thesis can be submitted electronically Graduate Studies must have on file the original signed  Comprehensive Examination Form stating that your thesis has been approved.

             Comprehensive Examination Forms are issued to your oral exam committee when your TRA (Terminal Research Approval) Form is received by Graduate Studies.

2. After a successful defense, submit the following to Graduate Studies within 10 working days following the oral defense or by the last day of the quarter, whichever comes first:

             a. One electronic copy of your thesis in a single Adobe PDF (Computer Science students may submit LaTex version of thesis) via email to Once your thesis has been submitted to Graduate Studies no changes can be made.

              b. One hard copy of your original signed  Signature Page (page ii of your thesis) delivered to the Graduate Studies office in 206 Showalter Hall.

              c. One hard copy of your signed Graduate Electronic Thesis Submission Form delivered to the Graduate Studies office in 206 Showalter Hall. This form will be retained permanently by the JFK Library.

3. Once Graduate Studies receives your signed Graduate Electronic Thesis Submission Form, your signed Signature Page, and PDF (*.pdf) version of your thesis you will get a confirmation stating when all your documents have been approved.

4. When all your documents have been approved, Graduate Studies will submit your thesis to the JFK Library to become of part of the EWU Digital Commons Institutional Repository.

5. In case of rejection due to incorrect formatting (See here for formatting and style guidelines), you and your committee chair will be notified by Graduate Studies of any changes or corrections that need to be made before your degree will be awarded.

6. *Please Note - Some departments may require you to provide bound copy for the department. If your department requires a copy of your thesis to be bound or if you would like a copy to be bound for yourself please carefully follow the instructions in Printing and Binding Instructions.

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