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Printing & Binding Your Thesis

Beginning fall 2016, the Graduate Studies and JFK Library will no longer require final hard copies for binding and paper copies will not be stored at the JFK Library. It is at the discretion of individual departments on whether or not they will require their students to have a copy of their thesis bound for the department. Please check with your department to find out if you will be required to have a copy of your thesis bound.

The binding fee is $28.00 a copy. If your department has required you to submit a copy of your thesis to be bound you will be responsible for the binding fee. 

You have the option of submitting a copy or copies for yourself to be bound regardless if your department has required a copy or not. Each copy will be $28.00

If you are required to and/or have decided to have a copy bound you will need to follow the style guidelines below that are required for binding. It is your responsibly to follow the requirements below or you will be required to reprint your thesis.

Binding Style Guideline Requirements:

  • Margins

Left-hand margins must be one and one-half inch to provide for binding. Top, bottom, and right margins should be one inch. If your margins are not correct you will be required to REPRINT.

  • Paper

Use only 8 1/2 x 11 inch, white, "thesis bond," 100% cotton bond paper. This is required of your department copy. The thesis bond paper ensures greater longevity of the document. If you have difficulty obtaining this paper, it is available at the EWU bookstore. Your copy or copies may be on the paper of your choice.

  • Font

Use the same style of type or print throughout the manuscript. Bold face, italicize, or underline words where appropriate. Script is not acceptable for the body of the text. Use 10-13.5 point font size, with 18-24 points between lines. Indented quotes may, however, be single-spaced.

  • Printing

o Print on only one side of the page.

o Printers must produce a manuscript in at least a near-letter-quality mode. The thesis bond paper does not work in some printers. If you run your hand across your printed page and the words smear off you will need to reprint on a different printer.

  • Fee

You are responsible for the cost ($28 each) of having a copy bound for your department.

  • Submitting

o You will submit the hard copy or copies of your thesis to Graduate Studies in 206 Showalter Hall before the last day of the term.

o Final copies will need to be submitted in an envelope or a box to protect the document from damage.

o Do not staple, 3-hole punch, or otherwise mark the final copy of the thesis.

o Your original Signature Page will be included in your bound copy.

o Please provide a copy of your receipt from Student Financial Services of your payment.

o Graduate Studies will check your thesis for quality and formatting. Please follow all formatting directions to avoid having to reprint (the thesis bond paper is expensive).

  • Binding

Graduate Studies will send the theses copies off-campus to a bindery company at the end of each quarter (semester students will have their copies sent off with the quarter students). Bound copies are returned to the Graduate Studies Office 4-6 weeks after the close of the quarter. The Graduate Studies Office will send the bound thesis to the academic department (if required) and/or to the student (if have been requested).

 Please Note: Graduate Studies will only be shipping theses to the binder twice a year.

  • Summer & Fall theses will be shipped out in December and returned to us in January
  • Winter & Spring theses will be shipped out in June and returned to us in July.
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