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Appeals Process

Right of appeal: Eastern Washington University Graduate students have the right to ask for and exception to two of the Graduate Student Policies.

1. 3-3. Transfer Credits

         a. Students may include in a graduate degree program, from any regionally accredited college or university, a maximum of 12 quarter or nine semester department- or program-approved pre-admission credits not used toward an undergraduate degree.

         b. Exceptions to this policy can be made by the Academic Appeals Board in rare and special circumstances. Request for exceptions must be made in writing by the student and the program advisor to the Academic Appeals Board. However, in no case may credit be granted for experiential learning which occurred before the student's matriculation into the graduate degree program.  

2. 4-3. Program Time Limits

          a. Time limit: All academic requirements, including course work, thesis and final examinations, must be completed within a six-year time period. The six-year period is based on academic terms.  

The start term for the six-year period is the EWU academic term corresponding to the completion date of the earliest course being included as part of the degree program. If the student completed the first course between EWU academic terms, the next term will be considered the start term (e.g. for a first course completed in late August, the start term would be fall). The student's admission status at the time the first course was taken is irrelevant in determining the start term. A student's start term may be a Summer Term. The end term is the corresponding term six years after the start term (e.g., for a start term of fall 2004, the end term is fall 2010).  

Students requesting an appeal must submit an Appeals Packet to the Graduate Studies office.

Route of Appeal:

All appeals begin and must be initiated by the student and supported by the appropriate graduate studies advisor or director. Students' are responsible for gathering all appropriate materials for their Appeals Packet. Appeals Packet must include:

  • Completed Graduate Appeals Form
  • Description of student's appeal
  • Letter/Memo of support for student's department
  • Copy of student's transcripts (unofficial)

IMPORTANT: Incomplete Appeal Packets will not be brought before the Academic Appeals Board.

The completed Appeals Packet is due to the Graduate Studies office in 206 Showalter no later than the 10th day of the quarter. The Academic Appeals Board meets only once a quarter. Appeals received past 10th day will be submitted the following quarter.

Once decision is made both the student and their department will receive a notice from the Director of Graduate Studies. 

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