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Natural Science

Natural science is an area of emphasis under the Elementary and Secondary Education Program. Successful completion of the natural science major along with a minor and the education coursework will qualify the student for a either middle-level science endorsement (4th-9th grade) or a secondary endorsement (9th-12th grade).  The natural science minor does not result in endorsement but is suited for a science specialist in grades kindergarten through 6th. Much of the required coursework is taught through inquiry pedagogy and spans six areas of science: astronomy, chemistry, earth science, life science, physics and space science.

What are the degree options?

Students may complete either a major or minor under the Elementary Education Program. (The Elementary Education Program requires that all students complete both a major and a minor.) Students completing this major or minor may wish to consider math as a companion major or minor as the combination is highly sought after.

What can I do with my degree?

Science teachers in middle school are in high demand. Consequently, students completing the natural science endorsement will have many opportunities to find employment. The natural science major or minor will also be marketable for the 4th-6th grade level.

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