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Freshmen Instructions for MPA

Congratulations on your admission to Eastern Washington University!

This page describes which new EWU students need to take the math placement assessment. This page also describes how you can sign up for the math placement assessment. Read these instructions carefully to make your registration as easy as possible.

Do I Qualify for a Math Placement Exemption?

All new students at EWU are highly encouraged to take the math placement assessment. It is the most accurate way to make sure you take classes appropriate for your abilities. However, students who meet at least one of the following criteria may opt out of the assessment:

  • A College Level Math Course. A student's official transcript indicates a minimum grade of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in Intermediate Algebra or higher-level math course from a post-secondary institution. Refer to the Transfer Guide for more information;
  • 3 or Better on AP Calculus or AP Statistics. A student has officially reported to EWU a minimum score of 3 on the College Board Advanced Placement Test for AB or BC Calculus and/or Statistics. Visit the Transfer Credit page for more information;
  • Level 4 Smarter Balance Score. An officially reported level 4 score on the Smarter Balance test allows for placement into Math 107, Math 114, or Math 121;
  • Level 3 Smarter Balance Score. An officially reported level 3 score on the Smarter Balance test and a passing grade in a quantitative course during senior year of high school allows for placement into Math 107, Math 114, or Math 121;
  • Level 2 Smarter Balance Score. An officially reported level 2 score on the Smarter Balance test and a grade of B or better in the Bridge to College Mathematics course offered by a qualified teacher allows for placement into Math 107, Math 114, or Math 121;
  • CLEP Scores in Math. A student has officially reported to EWU a qualifying CLEP Math Course score. Visit the Transfer Credit page for more information;
  • Register for MTHD 103. A student plans to enroll in a pre-university basic skills math course, such as MTHD 103.

A student using a Smarter Balance test score will need to bring copy of their test scores provided by their high school to First Step orientation. Students that believe they have an exemption from the math placement assessment should discuss this with their advisor during their orientation.

Steps to Math Placement

A student will work with their academic advisor to determine the correct math course to take.  In order to determine the correct course that matches the student's skill level, a math placement assessment using online software, ALEKS, will be administered. In order to successfully prepare a student for the placement assessment, the student will begin with an online practice assessment and given a practice module to work three hours of practice online before taking the proctored exam. After completion of online practice, student will have an opportunity to chose a session for taking the proctored exam.

How to sign up for the EWU math placement assessment (April 10 - September 22)

Note: Payment for the math placement assessment must be made no earlier than April 11 2018, to be valid for summer placement sessions.

  1. Pay the $40 math placement test fee by following the instructions below:
  2. Login in to myEWU Portal with your EWU Single Sign On (SSO). If you have not done so already, you can obtain your SSO login here.
  3. Click on "Students" at the top of the page
  4. In the box "Student Financial Services," click the link "Make a Payment"
  5. Click on the "Pay Bill or Optional Charges" link at the top of the page
  6. Select "Testing fees"
  7. Add "Math Placement Testing Fee" to the shopping cart
  8. Pay the fee
  9. Return to this page and log into ALEKS with the link at the bottom of this page.
  10. Log in with your EWU SSO.
  11. ALEKS will give you an initial assessment. This is a practice placement assessment and can be done at home. To ensure you receive a proper practice module, do the practice assessment without any assistance or a calculator.
  12. You will then be assigned a learning module. You must work a minimum of three hours within the module before you can take the proctored assessment. (The time spent on the initial assessment does not count towards these three hours.)
  13. Take the proctored assessment. You may take it at EWU during one of the scheduled times or with Honorlock. For schedule at Eastern you do not need to register for the time just bring a picture identification to the assessment. See below for more details.

Options for Taking the Proctored Assessment

Once you feel that you have spent enough time in the Prep and Learning Module (a minimum of three hours is required), you can take the proctored assessment for placement into a math course. Currently, EWU has two options for students to take the proctored assessment.

  1. Take the proctored assessment at EWU's main campus in Monroe Hall during any scheduled time. A summer placement schedule appears below.
  2. Take the proctored assessment online with Honorlock for an additional fee. See below for more details.
Summer Placement Schedule at EWU

Note: All seating is done on a first come, first served basis. You should show up at least thirty minutes early for check-in procedures. Sessions fill up quickly. Please show up for the earliest assessment time possible to ensure that you complete the assessment before you register for classes. If you take the assessment at EWU, there are no additional fees or registration necessary.  Please bring picture identification to the assessments at EWU.

Check here for all available placement dates at EWU.

Taking the Assessment with Honorlock Remote Proctoring

For an additional fee, students can take the proctored ALEKS assessment at home with Honorlock.

Honorlock is an on-demand 24/7 proctoring service that allows you to take the proctored placement assessment from home. To take the assessment using Honorlock, students will need to have a computer with a webcam and microphone. The following instructions detail how to register for the placement assessment with Honorlock:

  1. Register for ALEKS and complete your time in the Prep and Learning Module (a minimum of three hours is required for the first assessment). Note: If you have not completed the practice time your score may not be counted and you may not be eligible for a refund.
  2. Using the Google Chrome browser, install the Honorlock Chrome Extension here.
  3. With the extension installed, navigate to your ALEKS placement assessment, click "Begin Attempt" and follow the proctoring instructions that appear on-screen.

These is a $13 proctoring fee for each proctoring attempt. Please review Honorlock's quickstart and guidelines prior to the test.

Log into my ALEKS account

All practice assessments and proctored assessments must be completed before or on September 21, 2018. If you have not completed your assessments by this date, you will need to pay for a new placement package. 

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, you may contact:
Director of Developmental Math, Becky Sommers, 509.359.2876 or

Disability Accomodation Requests

If you have a documented disability and are requesting accommodations for either the proctored assessment in Cheney or the on-line proctored assessment using ProctorU, please call Disability Support Services at 509.359.6871 to pre-arrange the accommodations.

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