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Math Placement Assessment

With very few exceptions, all students must take the math placement assessment before they are allowed to register for their math course. Eastern Washington University currently uses computer-based software called ALEKS.

 Note: EWU only accepts proctored ALEKS assessment scores. Students with a different placement test score will need to take the proctored ALEKS placement assessment with EWU.

Steps to complete math placement at EWU             

Students must complete each step below to receive a math placement score. Steps one and two typically take about four hours to complete and can be done at home.

1.      Pay for the placement package and complete the practice assessment.

First log into myEWU Portal with your EWU Single Sign (SSO) and pay the $40 placement fee. If you have not done so already, you can obtain your SSO login here. Visit the FAQ for instructions on how to pay for the fee. Once that is completed, return to this page and log into ALEKS with the link at the bottom of the page with your EWU SSO. You will be given a practice assessment. To ensure that you receive proper placement, do the assessment without assistance.

2.      Complete a minimum of three hours practice in the Prep and Learning Module.

After you have completed the practice assessment, ALEKS will assign you a prep and learning module based on you practice assessment to help you review for the proctored assessment. You must complete a minimum of three hours before you are eligible to take the proctor assessment.

3.      Take the proctored assessment by April 3.

You may take it at EWU for no extra charge or at another designated spot. Click here for more information on assessment times and Cheney campus only locations. You will need to have a valid photo ID to take the proctored assessment. Proctored assessments at EWU are limited to 3 hours. 

Note:  The previous assessment session is now closed. If you purchased a placement package before September 21, 2018, you will need to pay for a new package. Any work done in the previous session does not apply to the current session.

Below is a video to help guide you through the process of math placement at EWU.

Please Read the Following Carefully

  • If you paid a Placement Testing Fee prior to September 22, 2018, your ALEKS subscription has expired.  You need to pay another fee and restart the placement testing process.

  • If you paid a Placement Testing Fee on or after September 22, 2018, you can begin or continue the placement testing process by clicking on the link below.

  • If you have not paid a Placement Testing Fee you can pay directly and begin the placement testing process by clicking on the link below.

  • By clicking on the following link, you agree to pay the Placement Testing Fee of $ 40 directly or to have the Placement Testing Fee charged to your EWU account.

Log into my ALEKS account

All practice and assessments must be completed before or on April 3, 2019. Any students that have not completed their assessments by this date will need to pay for a new placement package. The next session will be available April 8, 2019.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, you may contact the Developmental Math Lab Manager, Elizabeth Nehring, by email ( or phone (509.359.2281).

Note: An examinee with a documented disability requiring special testing accommodation will need to contact the EWU Disability Support Services Office located in Tawanka Hall 124 at 509.359.6871 to pre-arrange the accommodation during the proctored assessment.

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