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MATH Pathways (Which Math Class to Take)

What is MATH Pathways?

MATH Pathways is a national initiative started by the Dana Center of the University of Texas-Austin aimed at aligning math courses more closely to students' intended majors and future careers, and to accelerate students' successful completion of their first college-level math course.

How do I know which path is right for me?

The following chart shows five different paths each leading to a different course that satisfies mathematics proficiency. Generally speaking, paths from left to right represent pathways from least to most challenging, but students should always consult with an advisor to make sure the appropriate path is chosen.

Math Pathways Table

(click image to download Math Pathways PDF)

What if my major is undecided?

Students who are undecided and unable to select a path that best describes their educational goals should always consult with an advisor before enrolling in any math course. Referring back to the chart, the paths to the far right give students more choices for their major without having to complete additional math courses. But, consulting with an advisor will ensure the appropriate path is chosen for each individual student.

What if I change major?

Students who change their major in such a way that a different path is required should consult with an advisor before enrolling in any additional math courses. In general, MTHD 104 will substitute for MTHD 106, but the reverse is not the case.

What is the EWU Math Proficiency requirement?

Math proficiency is a general university graduation requirement implemented to ensure that all EWU graduates have acquired a minimum level of quantitative skills that allows them to be successful in the workforce regardless of the chosen program of study. It can be satisfied through Math Placement (score of 76 or higher) or by completion of one of five college math courses: MATH 107, 121, 141, 200 or 208.

Can I count courses from high school toward meeting the EWU Math Proficiency requirement?

High school mathematics courses are not counted towards meeting the mathematics proficiency requirement unless approved as College in High School courses.

Can I count a course from another institution toward meeting the EWU Math Proficiency requirement?

A transferable course taken at another institution may count towards the Mathematics Proficiency requirement or as a prerequisite course. Consult the EWU transfer guide or a Records and Registration credentials evaluator for more information. 

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