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 Please visit the below resources to assist in your scholarship search.

EWU Financial Aid and Scholarship homepage

EWU Current Scholarship Opportunities
This is a list of scholarships maintained by the EWU Scholarship Office.  Some are major specific, but many are for students of any major!

EWU S-STEM Scholarship Program
This is a program for Juniors and Seniors majoring in Sciences.  Please visit the link for specific information.

Association of Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners (AFTE) Scholarship
This scholarship is for upper division and graduate students majoring in sciences who intend to pursue a career in Forensic Science.  Application is open from January 1 to April 1.  Visit the above link for more information.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
This program is for Washington residents, and is for students that are high school seniors, or a college freshman or sophomore at the time of application. Make sure to visit the eligibility page for more information.  The application for this scholarship is live between early January to late February.

Noyce Scholarship 
Scholarship for EWU students earning a BS or BA in a STEM field and a BAE are eligible for a scholarship in their last 2 years of the program.  $10,000 is available for the first year and $16,000 for the second year.  Visit link for more information and current deadline.

EWU Biology Department Scholarship Page
A few of the scholarships, such as the PAML scholarship, on this page may be available to Chemistry students

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