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Chemistry FAQs

General Questions

How do I get in contact with a professor?

Please click here for a directory of all Chemistry Faculty.  

Is there chemistry tutoring available?

The department has tutors available for General Chemistry courses in Science Building 156 up to 12 hours per week, excluding summer quarter.  The schedule will be posted online, outside Science Building 156, Science Building 223 and around the department during the second week of the quarter, after the schedule is finalized.   Contact the Department Secretary at 509-359-2447 with any questions.

How do I declare my major in chemistry?

See this page for instructions for declaring your major

I'm interested in Forensic Science, where can I find more information?

If you are a prospective Forensic Science student or parent, make sure to visit this page for general information about Forensic Science, how to prepare for the Forensic Science degree program (see To the Prospective Forensic Student), as well as FAQ's and other links.  

How do I find out what courses from other colleges and universities are equivalent to EWUs courses?

Check the transfer guide on EagleNet for course equivalences.  You may also contact Central Advising at 509.359.2345  for help from an Academic Advisor.

Can I be a Chemistry TA?

If you are already a student on campus, have had chemistry courses, and are interested in being a TA for Chemistry Labs please contact Fred Joslin in Science Building 209.  He can also be reached at 509-359-2809 or

Registration/Schedule Questions

Where do I get  forms to register for  Independant Study/Directed Study or Internship courses such as CHEM 399, 495, and 499 

These are available from the department secretary in Science Building 226. You can also find this form online here.  

How do I get a hold/pre-requisite block lifted?

First, visit the records and regisgration website for more information about your registration hold. You may contact the Department Secretary at 509-359-2447 for pre-requisite or advising holds.  You may need to fill out a form in the office, Science Building 226.  You may need to speak to the professor teaching the class or the department chair, depending on the reason for the hold.  Call if you need more information or have questions.

I'm trying to plan my courses for next year, are the schedules available?

Currently, tentative quarterly schedules are available up to two quarters in advance.  They are posted in the hallway outside Science Building 226.  Please call the office if you have any questions at 509-359-2447.

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