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Minor in Chemistry

A minor in chemistry requires 30 credits in chemistry. General Chemistry CHEM 151, CHEM 152, and CHEM 153 provide 15 credits toward the minor. The remaining 15 credit-hours are to be selected from upper-division chemistry courses, exclusive of CHEM 390 Chemistry Teaching Methods. If workshops are to be applied, you must first seek the approval of the chemistry department chair.

2018-2019 Catelog requirements for a Chemistry Minor

Advisor:  Dr. Robin McRae


Required Courses: 15 credits
Chem 151 General Chemistry (5)
Chem 152 General Chemistry (5)
Chem 153 General Chemistry (5)

Electives: 15 credits
Select 300 and 400 level chemistry courses to total (15)
Chem 390 is not allowed for an elective.
Chem 397, 497, and 597 workshops, as well as other special courses such as Chem 499 must be approved by the department chair. 

What will I study?

Students are allowed to only take chemistry courses to meet this minor requirement.

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Chemistry basics, with 15 additional credit-hours of upper-division credits.

Interesting courses I might take:

  • General Chemistry
  • Upper division chemistry courses

What could I do with my degree?

  • No Degree is awarded. This minor is listed on the transcript upon graduation.
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