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Department of Biology
258 Science Building
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2339

BS - Biology

The Department of Biology offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. The BS degree is designed for students who require a broad background in biology, along with specialized training that will prepare them for specific careers. The program is based upon a core curriculum that provides a common background. Coursework for specific careers is based upon selection of elective courses, tailored to career choice. All students are expected to work closely with their faculty advisor to determine their curriculum.

In addition, the Bachelor's of Science in Biology program is designed to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to "do biology." At the introductory level, students enroll in Biological Investigation to learn the basics of how to design, conduct, and present research projects. During their final year, students enroll in the senior capstone course that highlights a research project. Many elective courses in biology also incorporate research projects. In addition, undergraduate students often conduct independent research projects in faculty labs. Our undergraduate students have presented their research projects at EWU's annual Research and Creative Works Symposium and at both regional and national scientific meetings.

What will I study?

BS in Biology: Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Option

This option is recommended for students planning a career in medicine or dentistry. See below for advising guides for other pre-health science careers.

Courses:  Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry Curriculum
Advisors: Dr. Jason Ashley, Dr. Rebecca Brown, Dr. Judd CaseDr. David Daberkow, Dr. Charles Herr, Dr. Joanna Joyner-MatosDr. Javier Ochoa Reparaz

BS in Biology:  Biotechnology Option

Courses:  Biotechnology
Advisors: Dr. Luis Matos 

BS in Biology: General Biology

The BS in Biology provides a core curriculum (General Biology Curriculum);  but allows students flexibility in selecting elective courses that will best suit their career aspirations. Advising guides for different areas of interest provide recommended courses and, for most guides, information about careers and preparation for post-graduate study. Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors in the selection of courses and career preparation.

Courses:  General Biology
Advisors:  Dr. Jessica AllenDr. Jason Ashley, Dr. Justin Bastow, Dr. Ross Black, Dr. Rebecca Brown, Dr. Judd Case, Dr. Andrea Castillo, Dr. David Daberkow, Dr. Charles HerrDr. Bo Idsardi, Dr. Joanna Joyner-Matos, Dr. Krisztian Magori, Dr. Luis Matos, Dr. Camille McNeely, Dr. Javier Ochoa Reparaz, Dr. Margaret O'Connell,  Dr. Robin O'QuinnDr. Paul Spruell, Dr, Jenifer Walke

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