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Darwin Day Celebration

On February 13, 2009, the EWU Biology Department celebrated Darwin Day for the first time. This annual observance of the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth recognizes his contribution to the theory of natural selection and evolution. Our festivities featured a presentation on Darwin and evolution by Washington State University associate professor of entomology, Carol Anelli ... followed by a cake decorating contest in which participants created a cake reflecting some aspect of Darwin or evolution. For complete details on our innaugural celebration of Darwin's 200th birthday, go to the Winter 2009 Biology News.

Other EWU Darwin Day celebrations (with pictures):

February 12, 2010

February 11. 2011 (additional information in Winter newsletter)

For information on the next celebration (February 2018), see our Seminars web page by early January or check with the Biology Office (509) 359-7499 or

Here are pictures of all cake entries and some of the 80 revelers who attended the 2009 Darwin Day celebration.

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1st Place - Christine Schucker

2nd Place (top left) - Jessica Bryant; Birthday Cake (top right) & Galapagos Islands (front)

3rd Place (front) - Colin Buckinham & Darwin's Notebooks (rear)

Honorable Mention - Robin O'Quinn (Tiktaalik)


Birthday Cakes

Primordial Ooze

More Birthday Cakes Label for Darwin's Notebook Cake (above) Land-Sea Animal Fossil Dig (left) Tree of Life (right) Tree of Life Label (see cake to left)

Galapagos Islands

Birthday Cake

HMS Beagle

In the Beginning

Judd Case & Lynn Briggs Eye Cakes

Group Shot #1

Group Shot #2

Group Shot #3

Group Shot #4

Group Shot #5

Group Shot #6

Group Shot #7

Group Shot #8

Group Shot #9

Group Shot #10

Group Shot #11

Group Shot #12

Group Shot #13

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