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  • Trevor Kirby
    Trevor Kirby
    Graduate Student - Ochoa Reparaz's Lab
    SCI 289

    My name is Trevor Kirby and I am originally from Chicago, Illinois.  I started my Biology career as a Naturalist at the Brookfield Zoo where I was fortunate to have gained experience working on the social behavior of bats. During my academic career I also helped with faculty research in various areas.  I was given the wonderful opportunities to work on the JAK/STAT cellular signaling pathways and its implications involving fetal alcohol syndrome development.  While in Chicago my most impactful research experience was at Loyola University in the Stritch School of Medicine; I aided doctoral students as well as post docs in various aspects of their research on TRIM-5α and its implications towards HIV.

    Ultimately, I hope to hone my research abilities while advancing my education at EWU.  I hope to not only help advance our scientific understanding of the natural world but also to represent the LGBTQ community and to promote social respect for my fellow community members.

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