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Department of Biology
258 Science Building
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2339

  • Josh Chastek
    Josh Chastek
    Graduate Student - Herr's Lab
    SCI 237

    Hello my name is Josh Chastek and I work with Dr. Herr. Our lab focuses on the development of technologies for endangered species preservation. My interest in biology started with cryobiology and has blossomed into a love of cell culture systems. During my time as a graduate I have worked on freezing fish sperm and insect embryos along with developing culture systems to grow the reproductive organs of fish, cats, dogs, drosophila, and silk worms. One of the coolest aspects of working at a university is getting undergraduates involved in real world research. Some of our research includes: 1) A study on ovovivipary using guppies to study the maternal effect on embryonic development. 2) Growing livebearer embryos in vitro for the entire gestation period using guppies as our model. 3) Looking at the effects of broad spectrum antibiotics on the fitness of zebrafish. 4) Optimizing tissue culture systems for growing feline testicles. 5) Methods to combat contamination in leaf disc punch cloning cultures using squash and banana plants. 6) In vitro fertilization of insects using Bombyx mori (silk worms). 7) Cryopreserving drosophila embryos using novel freezing fluids and techniques. 8) Optimizing conditions for the long term culture of various other species reproductive organs.

    Here is a link to a video about our labs research:


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