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Department of Biology
258 Science Building
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2339

  • Joseph Weirich
    Joseph Weirich
    Graduate Student - Brown's Lab
    245 SCI

    Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Eastern Oregon in spring of 2016 for an internship with the Bureau of Land Management. I began my career as a hydrology technician, collecting baseline water quality data (pH, LDO%, turbidity, etc.) as well as stream crosssection surveys for our long term monitoring program. My status as an intern granted me great fluidity within the BLM and I was able to work for multiple departments, including rangeland management, wildlife, fuels/invasive plant reduction and most recently as a wild land fire fighter. During my 3-year tenure with the BLM I worked in some truly wild and majestic places and grew to cherish our public lands. Thus, I could not ignore the vast tracts of land and waterways that have been degraded due to over-grazing, mining, invasive species, development and intense wildfire. I am attending EWU to better equip myself for a career in land management, with the hope of restoring the ecosystem functionality and natural beauty to degraded spaces of the western landscape. I am currently pondering how beaver dam analogues (BDAs) can help restore stream functionality by trapping sediment, reversing bank incision, and promoting healthy bank vegetation. Research is ongoing...

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