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  • Elizabeth A. Kissling, Ph.D.
    Elizabeth A. Kissling, Ph.D.
    Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Communication Studies
    229 Comm. Bldg.
    Phone: 509.359.2875

    Educational Background

    Ph.D., University of Illinois, Speech Communication

    A.M., University of Illinois, Speech Communication  

    Research Interests

    Postfeminism, feminist cultural studies, media representations of women's reproductive and sexual health, reproductive justice, women's health.  

    Courses Taught

    WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies
    WMST 310: Issues in Women's Studies
    WMST 490: Capstone in Women's and Gender Studies
    CMST 310: Interpersonal Communication
    CMST 312: Nonverbal Communication
    CMST 314/WMST 314: Gender & Communication
    CMST 335: Conference Management
    CMST 396: Social Media & Your Career
    CMST 400: Message Design
    CMST 404/WMST 404: Women and Men in Communication
    CMST 413: Communication in Personal Relationships
    CMST/WMST 416: Gender & Media
    CMST/WMST 419: Sex, Sexuality, and Communication
    CMST 452: Cultural Studies
    CMST 458: Images, Messages, & Meanings
    CMST 490: Senior Capstone in Communication
    CMST 540: Graduate Seminar in Communication
    CMST 550: Sex, Sexuality, and Communication
    CMST 502: Contemporary Trends in Communication Research
    CMST 522: Research Design & Analysis II
    CMST 569: Thesis Preparation Workshop
    CSBS 331: Documents-based Research Methods

    Dr. Kissling is the author of Capitalizing on the Curse: The Business of Menstruation, and scholarly articles about communication and menstruation; body image and dieting; sexual harassment; and folklore surrounding menstruation and menarche.

    Image of Cover of From a Whisper to a Shout Capitalizing on the Curse Cover

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