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Women's and Gender Studies Faculty and Staff

Below you will find a listing of the faculty and staff for the Women's and Gender Studies academic program. If you are unsure of who you should contact, please call the main program office at 509.359.2847.

  • Sally Winkle, Ph.D.
    Sally Winkle, Ph.D.
    Women's and Gender Studies Director, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and German
    207D Monroe Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2409
    Fax: 509.359.6902

    I have been at EWU since 1983, when I came to the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures as an Assistant Professor in German. I have taught a wide variety of courses in German language, literature, and culture, in addition to feminist theory, and issues in women's studies. I have traveled many times to Europe and especially Germany, where I studied in Heidelberg and Erlangen in the 1970s. I taught and co-directed a summer program in Lubeck, Germany for several years, from 1997-2004.

    My dissertation research centered on the representation of women in 18th century German literature, and much of my subsequent scholarship has focused on women and gender in German literature, culture, and film. I have been active with the Women's & Gender Studies program since 1983, and I have been Director of the Program since 1998.

    Educational Background:

    B.A. Knox College  1973

    Study at Universitat Erlangen, Federal Republic of Germany   1976-77

    M.A. University of Georgia  1977

    Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, German Literature  1984

    Courses taught:

    WMST 310, Issues in Women's Studies
    WMST 410, Feminist Theories
    GERM/HUMN 381, Racism and Nationalism in Central European Film
    GERM/HIST 382, 20th Century Germany: Culture, Political Conflict
    Gender, and National Identity
    GERM/HIST 383, Readings/Discussions of 20th Century Germany
    GERM 305, German Conversation
    GERM 330, Selections of German Writings

      Current Project:

      Article on Margarethe von Trotta's Rosenstrasse: Feminist Revisions of a Historical Controversy, for Blackwell Companion to German Cinema, Blackwell Press, and conference paper on Gender and Sexuality in Recent German Holocaust Film.

      Current Teaching Interests:

      Issues in Women's Studies, Feminist Theories, Post-war German Film, 20th Century Germany, German Literature of the 18th-19th centuries, German language and conversation.

      Research interests:

      Gender and sexuality in German film, Holocaust film; and German women writers of the 18th and 19th centuries.

      The Nazi Germany Sourcebook Cover Women as Bourgeois Ideal Cover

    • Candace Martin
      Candace Martin
      Women's and Gender Studies Program Coordinator
      207C Monroe Hall
      Phone: 509.359.2847
      Fax: 509.359.6902

      Candace received her B.A. in English, Psychology, and Women's and Gender Studies from Case Western Reserve University in 2012. As of February 2016, she supports the H.O.M.E. (Helping Ourselves Means Education) and Women's and Gender Studies programs. 

    • Lisa Logan, M.A.
      Lisa Logan, M.A.
      Women's and Gender Education Center Manager
      207F Monroe Hall
      Phone: 509.359.2898
      Fax: 509.359.6902

      Lisa received their BA in Women's and Gender Studies from Eastern Washington University in 2009. Lisa was also involved at EWU as a McNair Scholar as a non-traditional student and did research on representations of bisexuality and motherhood in film. Lisa received their MA in Gender and Women's Studies from University of Arizona in 2013 and researched technologies of childbirth. Prior to coming to EWU to lead the W.A.G.E. Center, Lisa worked in an environmental nonprofit organization and an anti-racist, anti-violence nonprofit organization in Spokane.

      Lisa is here to support students who are parenting, those who are food insecure, LGBTQ+ students, and student activists. Lisa helps lead the H.O.M.E. Program, NEW Leadership, the Activist in Residence Program. Lisa is also currently the co-chair of the President's Committee on Diversity. You can also ask Lisa about the Scary Feminists and Planned Parenthood Generation Action, since they advise those clubs.

    • Elizabeth A. Kissling, Ph.D.
      Elizabeth A. Kissling, Ph.D.
      Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Communication Studies
      229 Comm. Bldg.
      Phone: 509.359.2875

      Educational Background

      Ph.D., University of Illinois, Speech Communication

      A.M., University of Illinois, Speech Communication  

      Research Interests

      Postfeminism, feminist cultural studies, media representations of women's reproductive and sexual health, reproductive justice, women's health.  

      Courses Taught

      WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies
      WMST 310: Issues in Women's Studies
      WMST 490: Capstone in Women's and Gender Studies
      CMST 310: Interpersonal Communication
      CMST 312: Nonverbal Communication
      CMST 314/WMST 314: Gender & Communication
      CMST 335: Conference Management
      CMST 396: Social Media & Your Career
      CMST 400: Message Design
      CMST 404/WMST 404: Women and Men in Communication
      CMST 413: Communication in Personal Relationships
      CMST/WMST 416: Gender & Media
      CMST/WMST 419: Sex, Sexuality, and Communication
      CMST 452: Cultural Studies
      CMST 458: Images, Messages, & Meanings
      CMST 490: Senior Capstone in Communication
      CMST 540: Graduate Seminar in Communication
      CMST 550: Sex, Sexuality, and Communication
      CMST 502: Contemporary Trends in Communication Research
      CMST 522: Research Design & Analysis II
      CMST 569: Thesis Preparation Workshop
      CSBS 331: Documents-based Research Methods

      Dr. Kissling is the author of Capitalizing on the Curse: The Business of Menstruation, and scholarly articles about communication and menstruation; body image and dieting; sexual harassment; and folklore surrounding menstruation and menarche.

      Capitalizing on the Curse Cover

    • Mimi Marinucci, Ph.D.
      Mimi Marinucci, Ph.D.
      Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Philosophy
      266 Patterson Hall
      Phone: 509.359.6026

      Feminism is Queer Cover

    • Jessica Willis, Ph.D.
      Jessica Willis, Ph.D.
      Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies, Graduate Program Coordinator
      207E Monroe Hall
      Phone: 509.359.4382
      Fax: 509.359.6902

      Educational Background

      Ph.D. Women's and Gender Studies, Clark University, Worcester MA

      MA Feminist Clinical Psychology for the New College of California.

      BA Literature and Women's Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

      Research Interests

      Political Implications of Gender, Sexuality, and Race on the Body; The Politics of Representation; and Political Theory, Race and Sexual Contract. 

      Teaching Interests

      Gender in Society

      Feminist Contributions to Political Theory

      Feminism and the Construction of Knowledge

      Women and Politics

      Sexual Citizenship

      Gender and Sexuality in Flim

      Principles of Sociology

      Body Image and Identity Formation 

      The Making of Modern Girlhood Cover

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