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Childcare Scholarship

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The H.O.M.E. Program at Eastern Washington University provides support for non-traditional students who are parents. Our goal is to assist student parents as they obtain a quality education. We believe that higher education is the most positive, effective, and lasting means of achieving economic self-sufficiency. Finding and being able to afford quality childcare becomes a critical issue for parents as they work to earn college degrees. H.O.M.E. offers scholarships to help pay for childcare expenses. The number of scholarships awarded is based on the success of fundraising efforts from the previous year. 

This scholarship requires you to be enrolled full-time (12 credits) at Eastern Washington University for each quarter that you receive the scholarship. Your child(ren) must be registered in a licensed childcare service. You must also fulfill the conditions of the scholarship (write a thank you note, get a picture taken for publicity purposes, and attend the H.O.M.E. Spring Tea fundraiser). 

Only one scholarship per family will be awarded, but both parents may apply.

Applicants must: 

• Complete the entire application with longer answers attached on separate paper.

• Attach two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your abilities, circumstances, and potential for success in college. A professional (i.e. a professor or a supervisor) should write one of the letters. The other letter can be a personal reference who is a non-relative. 

Scholarship applications will be evaluated on the basis of need, obstacles or special circumstances, letters of recommendation, quality and clarity of application, and cumulative GPA.


This $600 scholarship will be for the winter and spring 2017 academic year ($300 will be credited to student accounts each quarter pending fulfillment of awardee's follow-up requirements.) Scholarship applicants for this award will be notified by mid December 2016, whether or not they have received an award.

If you have any questions please call Lisa Logan at 509.359.2898. 

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