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Race and Culture Studies

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work now offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Race and Culture Studies and a minor in Race and Culture Studies.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the field, courses draw from a variety of disciplines such as literature, history, sociology and cultural studies. The deep and broad focus of the discipline not only prepares students for understanding the experiences of the various racialized minorities in the Unites States, but also helps them understand and examine American society at large, as well as the important continuities and commonalities across other national and racial boundaries.

The Race and Culture Studies faculty at Eastern Washington University have a deep commitment to social justice; hence, this ideal is central to their teaching philosophies and practices.

As a major in Race and Culture Studies you will take a core set of courses that will introduce you to the general concepts regarding race, gender, class and culture and how these social formations overlap and intersect. In addition, you will choose an area of concentration from the following three areas: 

Africana Studies Program

Chicano Studies Program

American Indian Studies Program

Some courses will focus on the discrete historical experiences and cultural contributions of these groups; others will engage in comparative analysis.

There are a number of minors that are excellent complements for a major in Race and Culture Studies. Sociology, Children Studies, Political Science, History, Communications, Women & Gender studies, and Anthropology are some of the more popular minors that can be chosen by our majors. A combination of any of these fields with Race and Culture Studies provides strong preparation for graduate or professional programs in Law, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Ethnic Studies, Education, Chicana/o Studies, American Indian Studies, Africana and African American Studies, and American Cultural Studies.

Race and Culture Studies brochure 2017-2018

What are the degree options?

For the undergraduate program of study, a Bachelor of Arts in Race and Culture Studies is offered.

The 18-credit Race and Culture Studies  minor focuses on the history, culture, social-economics and political realities of these communities. More specifically, RCST minors gain insights about international connections relevant to diverse groups as well as participate in research and community-based study to augment classroom learning.

For more information, see Race and Culture Studies catalog

What can I do with my degree?

The greatest job skills you can acquire through a liberal arts education are "people skills." Employers can teach you the particular skills of the job. But they don't have the time to teach you how to work with and for people. In the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work and major in Race and Culture Studies, you will learn how to work with people of different backgrounds because you will have knowledge about their cultures, their social and historical experiences, and their ways of interacting and being in the world. The knowledge and skills you gain through a degree in Race and Culture Studies will open career doors for you in government and state agencies, community social service agencies, educational institutions, community organizing, foreign service departments, labor unions, law firms, hospitals, and research organizations. Possible job titles of Race and Culture Studies graduates are: foreign affairs officer, legislative aide, business manager, community planner, educator/professor, employment counselor, lawyer, human services worker, and human resource specialist.

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