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Kayleen Islam-Zwart PhD
Department Chair
135 Martin Hall, Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.6227
fax: 509.359.4366

Applied Developmental Psychology Major (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology prepares students for entry-level work and graduate study in a variety of developmental and human service careers. The program covers basic areas of human developmental psychology across the life span with a special focus on processes and principles of developmental change. The program prepares the student for attainment of individual objectives, such as developmental interventions, graduate study and other human service professions.

What will I study?

Elective packages may be chosen to focus preparation toward attainment of individual student objectives such as applied development interventions, pre-counseling, and graduate study.

Additional tracks may be developed by the student in consultation with faculty advisor.

Students may choose some courses from other disciplines to gain a broader perspective about human development.

Students will:

• Complete two quarters of field work in a community setting that provides human service;
• Participate in a community service project, as a group, in PSYC 490, Capstone in Developmental Psychology.

Required Courses (39 credits)
CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)
PSYC 305 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
PSYC 306 Adult Development (4)
PSYC 307 Psychology of Adjustment (5)
PSYC 309 Scientific Principles in Psychology (5)
PSYC 315 Psychology of Human Relations (4)
PSYC 320 Developmental Theories and Applications (4)
PSYC 324 Human Learning (4)
PSYC 402 Behavior Modification (4)

Take 4 credits of the same Field Study for two consecutive quarters (8
credits) or 4 credits of Field Study and 4 credits of Focus Experience Courses (PSYC 498/499)
PSYC 492 Field Study in Child Issues and Problems (4)
PSYC 493 Field Study in Adolescent Issues and Problems (4)
PSYC 494 Field Study in Adult Issues and Problems (4)

PSYC 498 Seminar (1-4)
PSYC 499 Directed Study (1-4)

Senior Capstone: choose one (4 or 6 credits)
ITGS 400 Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone (4)
PSYC 490 Senior Capstone: Traditions of Psychology (6)
PSYC 490A Senior Capstone: Developmental Psychology Senior Seminar (4)
PSYC 490B Senior Capstone: Minds and Vines: Psychology of Wine (4)
PSYC 491 Senior Thesis (4) (By faculty invitation.)

Upper Division: (18 credits)
PSYC 302 Abnormal Psychology (5) (can be taken in lieu of PSYC 476)
PSYC 314 Tests, Measurements and Evaluation (5)
PSYC 344 Introduction to the Helping Profession (4)
PSYC 476 Child and Family Guidance (4)
PSYC 483 Group Dynamics (5)

Minimum total credits for above major                          69 credits


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