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Public Policy and Administration Certificate

The certificate in Policy Administration is intended for students who are interested in pursuing a graduate-level education in an applied field. Completion of the 44-credit certificate provides a sharply-focused view of policy implementation and application within the American system of government. In addition, the certificate provides students the opportunity to receive advanced placement standing within EWU's master's program in Public Administration. Students who complete the certificate will be required to take 36 credits of MPA "core courses," instead of the normally-required 40, and will be required to complete 10 elective credits, rather than the usually-required 20. Acceptance to the certificate program requires that the student have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in all courses at EWU, and the approval of the certificate coordinator. In no course required for the certificate can the student receive below a 3.0, and all courses within the certificate must have a 3.3 minimum cumulative grade point average.

All required courses for the certificate must be completed at EWU, transfer credits will not be accepted for certificate completion.

Completion of this certificate will also satisfy the minor requirement for students completing majors where a minor is required.

What will I study?

Government requirements

POLI 330 Federalism, State and Local Politics 
POLI 332 The U.S. Presidency 
POLI 333 Public Management
Statistics Requirement
(meets MPA statistics background requirement)
CSBS 320 Statistics for the Social Sciences
or MATH 380 Elementary Probability and Statistics

English Requirement
TCOM 205 Introduction to Technical Communication

Economics Requirement
ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 450 Public Finance and Public Policy
And one of the following

ECON 452 Health Economics
ECON 457 Natural Resource Economics
ECON 458 Regional Economics
ECON 470 International Economics

Exit Synthesis Requirement

PADM 507 Public Policy Analysis

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • acquire an understanding of the institutional, political, legal and economic processes of the United States;
  • acquire an understanding of the public policies of the U.S., and the ways in which they are created by and carried out through political and economic processes;
  • demonstrate an ability to analyze political and economic phenomena through oral and written communication.
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