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Asia Studies Certificate

Interest in Asia and Asian Studies has increased dramatically in recent years. For some, Asia represents opportunity for business, trade and commercial exchange as one of the new and vast marketplaces of the 21st century. For others, Asia is a place where remarkable expressions of traditional culture such as religion, poetry and art have stayed alive even into the 21st century. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state is a gateway to the East and offers an ideal setting to learn about the interactions between Asia and the rest of the world. This Asia Studies certificate offers students the opportunity for a highly-specialized and integrative look at trans-regional and international issues related to Asia focusing on the culture, history, politics and languages of the region.

What will I study?

Acceptance to the certificate program requires that the student have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in all courses at EWU, and the approval of the certificate coordinator. In no course required for the certificate can the student receive below a 3.0, and all courses within the certificate must have a 3.3 minimum cumulative grade point average. All required courses for the certificate, other than the language requirement, must be completed at EWU. Transfer credits, other than language credits, will not be accepted for certificate completion. Completion of this certificate will also satisfy the minor requirement for students completing majors where a minor is required.

Required Certificate Courses

  1. Language requirement: 10 credits of a relevant language. This may be met with credits from outside of EWU.
  2. Choose two courses from two of the areas and one course from the third
  3. All students must complete the 1 credit assessment course. (POLI 493)

All course selections must be approved by the certificate coordinator

Political Science:

POLI 322 International Political Economy 
POLI 327 Politics of Developing Nations 
POLI 328 Politics of the People's Republic of China 
POLI 329 Politics of South Asia 
INST 380 Japan Today


HIST 310 Imperial China
HIST 311 Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia
HIST 410 China in the 19th and 20th Centuries
HIST 411 Democracy and Human Rights in Asia
HIST 416 Modern Japan


ANTH 349 Major Civilizations of Asia
GEOG 333 Geography of Monsoon Asia
GEOG 335 The Geography of the Pacific Rim

Directed Study:
POLI 493 Portfolio Assessment

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • demonstrate awareness of historical, social, cultural, geographic and political dynamics in Asia and Asian countries;
  • apply normative and empirical tools to the study of Asian political, cultural and governmental realities, both past and present;
  • apply knowledge of Asian history to interpret current political, social and cultural dynamics in Asia, and in comparison to other world regions;
  • acquire basic communication skills in at least one Asian language;
  • attain advanced understanding of Asia sufficient to enter graduate studies concerning the region, or a career track wherein expertise in Asia is necessary.
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