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Majid Sharifi PhD, Director | International Affairs Program
233A Patterson Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.6363
fax: 509.359.6049

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International Affairs shares its faculty with the Political Science department. To see Political Science faculty, click here.

Majid Sharifi Ph.D.

Majid Sharifi, Ph.D.

Director of International Affairs Program

Associate Professor in International Affairs  
233A Patterson Hall
Phone: 509.359.6363
Fax: 509.359.6049

Scholarship: Sharifi's scholarship focuses on topic such as nationalism, security/insecurity, and violence related to material poverty, underdevelopment, inequality, and inequity, as well as epistemic violence embedded in the current regimes of truth and knowledge. 

Teaching: Sharifi's teaching covers a variety of topics, such as comparative politics, international relations, US foreign policy, politics of the Middle East, and Politics of developing nations, etc. In additions to listed courses, Sharifi mentors qualified students in a series of directed studies.  

Research: Sharifi is an accomplished author. Among other things, he is the author of Imagining Iran: the Tragedy of Subaltern Nationalism-a book that explores the paradoxes of nationalism in the Middle Eastern countries in general and Iran in particular. He is the coauthor the Violence of Nonviolence-a controversial article that criticizes how violent means are used in the name of nonviolence methods. He  is the author a chapter on France Fanon, who is known for his anti-colonial writings. Sharifi's current project is a book titled, Why is there no security in the Muslim World? 

Vandan Asthana, Ph.D. 

Professor  in Political Science and International Affairs

Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted

Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted  Ph. D. 


 233 E Patterson Hall 

Phone: 359-6998


Dr. Zeisler-Vralsted's research focuses on water history and politics with publications on the historical development of major river systems, water use in the American West, and the intersection of race, class and the environment, specifically through the lens of rivers.  She has published in several professional journals including Thesis Eleven, Environment and History, Pacific Northwest Quaterly, Halcyon and History Teacher.  She has also contributed book chapters to texts examining water use in the American West and published by the University of Washington Press, University of New Mexico Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press, to name a few.  Her research in major river systems and their cultural, political and social influences resulted in Rivers, Memory and Nation-Building: A History of the Volga and Mississippi Rivers, part of the Environment and History Series published by Berghahn Press. Currently, Zeisler-Vralsted is under contract with Routledge for publication in their Environmental Humanities Series. This text is tentatively titled, African Americans and the Mississippi River: Race, History and the Environment. Recognized for her expertise in water history and policy, Zeisler-Vralsted has reviewed manuscripts (articles and books) for numerous outlets including the University of Delaware Press, Bloomsbury Press, International History Review, Water History, Environmental Humanities.  She has contributed book reviews to numerous journals including Environmental History, Journal of the West, World History Bulletin, Utah Historical Quaterly, Annals of Iowa, and the Oregon State Historical Quaterly. Supporting her research have been numerous professional at conferences hosted by the American Society for Environmental History, European Society for Environmental History, International Water History Association, American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, Western History Association, and the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, to name a few.  Funding for conference presentations has been provided by the German Historical Institute, Rachel Carson Centre and UNESCO. In addition to the professional conference presentation, Zeisler-Vralsted has also been an invited (and fully-funded) speaker for several organizations.  For her work on Soviet water history, she was a keynote speaker at the University of Pittsburgh's, "Modern Rivers of Eurasia: Potential, Control, Change Symposium"; a discussant at Ohio State University's "Water, Culture, and Society in Global Historical Perspective Symposium."  In recognition of her research on the Mississippi River, she was a plenary (and fully-funded) speaker at the LaTrobe University Study for the Inland "Watersheds Conference."  Other invited presentations have been given at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Sweden, Dubna (Russia) University, European University of St. Petersburg, American University of Armenia, to name a few.  Zeisler-Vralsted has also been successful in receiving two Fulbright Awards for research and teaching in Russia and was a visiting scholar at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.  Complementing her scholarship has been her work in grant development, where she was a Principal Investigator for two major Department of Education grants, totaling over $1.7 million.  Along with several smaller grants, she also received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant for $179,000.  Coinciding with her grant works, she has served a grant reviewer for the Fulbright Association, European Research Council and the Fulbright Association. 

Dr. Zeisler-Vralsted has taught several classes at EWU including Global Issues (INST 200), the Capstone (POLI 499), a topics class that focuses on Modernization and Indigenous Peoples (POLI 400), Water Politics (POLI 319) and International Organizations (POLI 320).  Her research interests on water and the environment, climate change and environmental organizations complement her course offerings.      

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