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I believe my experience in Cyprus was invaluable.  It was my first time leaving the country and entering into a culture that is very different from how life is lived in the U.S.  I enjoyed meeting all the people and I truly felt like a part of their family while I was there. This trip was also extremely beneficial to me academically because it allowed me to try archaeology first-hand, which allowed me to realize that this is the profession I would like to go into.              

   -Jordan Jackson, Tri-Cities, WA











Working on the Rantidi Forest Excavation in Cyprus has stimulated my growth as both a student of Ancient history and as a person. As a student the dig has allowed me to interact with antiquities thousands of years old and learn how an archaeological excavation is run in the field as well as the museum. As person, this trip has given me the opportunity to travel around the world and experience living among another culture vastly different than America. The experience I have gained from this trip has been invaluable to me as a scholar and as a citizen of the world.         

 -Lucas LeCaire, Northport, WA




The Cyprus Program at EWU changed my life.  Travelling half way around the world to be part of an archaeological dig was an opportunity I never believed was possible until I was on the plane.  My work thus far has allowed me to map a several millennia-old necropolis, discover medieval building foundations, and collect artifacts dating as far back as the Chalcolithic Era.  Cyprus has become a major part of my academic life and a significant part of my academic future.                       

  -Ty Omlin, Quincy, WA





The Cyprus Program has offered me a great opportunity to explore my passion for both history and art.  I cataloged a number of amazing artifacts while working in the museum, including Chalcolithic stone tools, Greek and Roman coins, and beautifully glazed medieval pottery.  I even became a part of the museum's exhibit; tourists from across the world enthusiastically photographed us washing pottery, drawing stone inscriptions, and describing terracotta statues.             

 -Kaili Payne, Billings, MT   












Going to Cyprus under the direction Dr. Bazemore gave me the opportunity to work in a professional archaeological setting, gaining experience many undergraduates are unable to obtain. Handling the artifacts on a daily basis was just one part of the job that made every day worth looking forward to. The rest was a combination of the immersion into the lively Cypriot culture, and seeing for myself the beauty of such a historically significant part of the ancient world.                         

 -Jessica Schwartz, Forks, WA












When I first got to Cyprus, I was an "outsider;" I came from a different school in a different city and had no idea what I would be doing here.  Now I am leaving with a whole new perspective on life.  I found artifacts that I never even knew existed, and made friendships with people that I never would have met if it wasn't for coming here.  I am extremely thankful for my time here and would not give it up for anything in the world.                  

  -Dusty Weddle, St. Louis, MO 

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