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Job Resources for Historians

Historian Specific Job Search

The American Historical Association has a wonderful website for newly minted historians who are looking for a job. It not only has links to job search sites, but also has helpful tips as to a person with a major, masters, and a Ph.D. can do with a degree in history.

Government Job Websites


"The official job site of the United States Federal Government." The site allows a search by region and job title. The site also allows a visitor to create and post a job resume.


"Washington State Career Site." On the left, first link under the heading "Additional opportunities" there is a "State agency job site." This is a good way to refine your search to the agency of your choice.

Local-county and city in Washington

"Careers in Washington counties." A great site that allows the job seeker to search on the county level (by providing links to Washington county websites) and on the city level (again, with the provided links).

Nonprofit Job Websites

"" A slightly crowded site that contains almost too much information. The job search can be found on top of the page in its own little box, sectioned off into categories.

"Nonprofit Jobs." This is a site that has links to non-profit corporate sites, more specifically the job searching section.

"Nonprofit Career Network." A basic site with an easy-to-follow layout. Find a job, post a job, and post your resume. All pretty simple and it is specific to the non-profit sector.

General Job Search Websites

"WorkSource." This is a Washington state specific site. There is a quick job search (statewide) or an advanced search that is more region specific.

"CareerBuilder." This site allows a person to look up jobs by type, region, or company.

"Northwest's Most Popular Job Site!" If you want to stay in the region then this is the site for you!

For more links to job search sites follow this link to Western Washington University.

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