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Why does history matter?

History provides knowledge for unlocking all other realms of human development. The study of history provides a solid foundation not only for history and social studies education majors, but for careers in law, business, government, international relations, journalism, library services and museums, to name but a few. As peoples of different ethnicities interact with each other more frequently in the 21st century, understanding each other's past paves the way for harmonious and beneficial cross-cultural relations.

What are the degree options?

History Degree Descriptions:

The History Department offers both a major and a minor for the Bachelor of Arts degrees. History courses also appear in Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Chicano Studies and Women’s Studies Programs. The department also offers a Master of Arts degree.

Any student who is considering a major or minor in history is strongly encouraged to consult with an advisor from the Department of History in the early stages of his or her academic study at EWU.

General Degree Completion Requirements:

Courses used to fulfill the History Program requirements for the BA (50 and 65 credit options) and the History Minor (18 credits) require a minimum of 2.0 in each course and a minimum GPA of 2.5 for all such courses. Required courses in the following programs of study may have prerequisites. Reference the course description section for clarifcation.

What can I do with my degree?

There are many career paths for those with degrees in history. To start looking now, check out our Job Resources page.
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