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Certificate in Wetlands Science and Management

The certificate in Wetlands Science and Management provides students with a focused training in the field of wetland science. The curriculum encompasses both the physical science that defines wetlands and the social context of wetlands in terms of their functions and value to society. Successful completion of the wetlands certificate requires 23 credits of required class work and 8-10 credits of electives for a total of 31 to 33 credits. Coursework is interdisciplinary, blending together classes from biology, geography and planning. This certificate program is open to all majors.

What will I study?

Required Certificate Courses (23 credits)
BIOL 411 Field Botany (5)
GEOG 312 Fundamentals of Soil Science (4)
GEOG 325 Wetland Science I (4)
GEOG 490 The Geographer's Capstone (5)
PLAN 430 Environmental Planning (5)

Electives-Students must choose two courses (8 to 10 credits)
BIOL 405 Limnology (5)
GEOG 315 Surface Hydrology (4)
GEOG 328 Geographic Information Systems I (5)
GEOG 410 Geomorphology (5)
GEOL 470 Hydrogeology (4)
PLAN 431 Environmental Impact Statements (3)
PLAN 440 Land Use Planning (5)

Other courses can be substituted as electives if selected in consultation with and approved by the wetlands certificate coordinator.

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