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Online Certificate in GIS

The undergraduate Certificate  in Geographic Information Systems is available online as well as in the classroom.

Students interested in Geographic Information Systems can earn their certificate entirely online.  The online certificate includes seven different courses that can be taken over one or two academic years.  The online Certificate is designed with the working student in mind.  No actual classroom visits are required, and scheduled events that require timed participation are kept to a minimum.   Most student finish in one academic year (three quarters), but can also space coursework across two or more years if more convenient.  Students will be exposed to basic GIS concepts, applications, and issues while working extensively with ESRI's ArcGIS software.  All Certificate students are provided with their own copy of ArcGIS's educational edition at no extra charge.

Online Certificate Requirements

To be eligible for the online Certificate, you must either be working toward or have earned a Bachelor's degree.   There is no minimum GPA required for admission to the program, but students must earn a 3.0 within our program for successful completion.

There are four required coure courses (17 credits), three electives (8 credits), and a 10-week (online) internship for a total of 25 credits.  Students will be assisted in identifying appropriate internship partners.

Online Course Offerings

Scheduled offerings for 2017-2018 (subject to change)

FALL 2017



GEOG426 -- GIS I (5) GEOG428 -- GIS II (5) GEOG429 -- GIS III (5)
GEOG427 -- Desktop Mapping (3) GEOG321 -- GIS for Social Science (3) GEOG493 -- GIS Portfolio (2)
GEOG323 -- GIS for Environmental Science (3) GEOG497 -- GIS Programming (2)

courses shown in bold are required

Online Registration

  • Existing EWU students may begin taking GIS classes immediately.  We recommend you contact a GIS advisor as soon as possible to begin planning out your certificate program.
  • EWU alumni (known as Returning Post-Baccalaureate) will need to fill out a "Former Student Returning Application" before registering for classes.
  • All other students may take up to two quarters of classes by using the "Non-Degree Registration Form" before seeking formal admission to the university 

Online Tuition

The announced 2017-2018 tuition rates are as follows:

$278 per credit.  Tuition for the Certificate:  $6950.  Other fees may apply.


Financial aid may be available in certain circumstances.


Please contact the GIS Certificate Program directly for more information and to find out how to apply.   

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