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Graduate (MA) GIS Certificate

Current graduate students and post-baccalaureate students interested in pursuing graduate-level GIS work can enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems.  The Graduate Certificate in GIS offers a 28-credit intensive, interdisciplinary course of study in the GIS concepts, technology, and theory.  
All certificate students complete four required courses that introduce GIS concepts and applications, data structures and database formats, mapping and geovisualization, and spatial analysis. Based on area of specialization, students then elect to pursue GIS applications in either the environmental sciences or the social sciences. All students are required to participate in an original GIS project either as part of thesis research or community internships.

Who Can Apply:

The graduate certificate is open to all current graduate students and to post-degree continuing education students who meet graduate entrance standards for Eastern Washington University.   No prior background in GIS is required.

What will I study?

Required Coursework:

Required Core (17 Credits)

 Elective Concentrations (11 Credits)

GEOG 528 Geographic Information Systems I (5)

Application Area Concentration

GEOG 521 GIS for Social Sciences (3)  or GEOG 523 GIS for Environmental Sciences (3)

GEOG 538 Geographic Information Systems II (5)

Programming and Geospatial Database Concentration

GEOG 536 GIS Programming (5) or GEOG 599 Directed Study (5) with approval of GIS Certificate Director

GEOG 548 Geographic Information Systems III (5)

Visualization Techniques Concentration

GEOG 527 Desktop Mapping (3) or GEOG 599 Directed Study (5) with approval of GIS Certificate Director

GEOG 549 GIS Portfolio (2)

Note: Current graduate students in degree programs other than this certificate program will be required to demonstrate use of GIS analysis in their master's thesis or research project. Current post-baccalaureate students will be required to complete an internship with a designated community partner as part of their coursework. Minimum total credits for above certificate 28 credits .

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