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Degree Options

  • Masters in Critical GIS and Public Anthropology

    Eastern's MA in Critical GIS and Public Anthropology prepares students for critical and applied research and analysis in a range of public fields including health care, education, environmental protection, and cultural resource management.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography

    The Geography program is designed for students seeking professional careers in environmental fields, GIS, education and graduate study.

  • Minor in Geography

    The geography minor program gives an introduction to the study of the physical and human environments of our planet and the ways they interact.

  • Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

    The certificate in Geographic Information Systems offers students an intensive, interdisciplinary course of study in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

  • Certificate in Wetlands Science and Management

    The certificate in Wetlands Science and Management provides students with a focused training in the field of wetland science.

  • Graduate (MA) GIS Certificate

    A Master's level graduate certificate in GIS is available for current graduate students and interested post-Baccaulareate students.

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