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Disability Studies

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Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the place of disabled people within society. Rather than approaching disability as a problem to be fixed, our students examine the social, environmental, and political contexts that shape the lives and opportunities of disabled people. The strength of our program is its ability to bridge theory and practice. 

Our emphasis on access, human rights, and justice prepares students for dynamic careers in which they work to empower disabled people. Our certificate and minor options are for those pursuing professional degrees (Social Work, Education, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology) social science degrees (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology), degrees in the humanities (English, Philosophy, History), and many more. 

Call for Proposals:

2019 Pacific/Western Disability Studies Symposium


Welcoming Different Voices

The Disability Studies program at Eastern Washington University is pleased to host a two-day symposium focusing on the place of Disability Studies principles and disability rights practices within the everyday life of diverse communities and across academic curricula. While the symposium is open to all sorts of work, we especially invite those addressing how Disability Studies contributes to existing and developing communities and how Disability Studies can benefit professional and practice-based education programs and policy.

What are the degree options?

The Disability Studies program offers two degree options for graduate and undergraduate students: a 15 credit certificate and a 20 credit minor. The certificate and minor may be done concurrently. Each provides a firm grounding in Disability Studies while helping students learn how to incorporate DS principles and practices in their own fields of study. 

What can I do with my degree?


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