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College of Social Sciences
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Cheney, WA 99004
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Degree Options

BASW - Bachelors of Social Work Program

At the undergraduate level, the educational program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level social work practice. The focus is on a problem-solving generalist model which fits the needs of the region. The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Prepare graduates for entry-level professional positions in the field of social welfare.
  2. Provide a foundation for those who wish to pursue graduate education in social work.
  3. Assist students who want to use a social work major as preparation for other professions and services or as preparation for civic leadership and participation in community social services.

To meet these objectives, the School offers a professional curriculum with courses in human behavior in the social environment, intervention methods, social welfare policy and services, research methods and field practicum. This professional curriculum is supported by a liberal arts foundation, with required courses in the behavioral/biological sciences. The undergraduate program emphasizes a task-centered, problem-solving approach to social work practice.

Mission of the Bachelor of Socal Work Program (BASW)

The BASW program, based in a reginonal, comprehensive public university, prepares competent generalist practitioners to educate, broker, coordinate services and advocate for social change through the development of critical thinking, ethical practice, and the use of research and theory to deliver culturally responsive services.

MSW - Master of Social Work Program

The Master of Social Work degree (MSW) is the graduate degree that provides advanced knowledge and skills for increased effectiveness as a professional social worker. The MSW is the most marketable, most transferable and most requested degree by employers in the social services arena!

The School of Social Work offers a two-year, full-time MSW program located in Cheney, WA, three-year, part-time MSW programs in Everett and Vancouver, WA and a three-year Hybrid program for students who live in Eastern Washington.  The part-time programs in Everett and Vancouver offer classes two evenings per week and the Hybrid program offers classes in downtown Spokane three weekends per quarter. The full-time and part-time programs have identical admission requirements and curriculum.
Both MSW programs offer an Advanced Standing option which allows qualified individuals to obtain a MSW in 11 months for the full-time program and in 18 months for the part-time program. In addition to the full-time and part-time program admission requirements, there are other admission requirements for the Advanced Standing Option.

Mission of the Master of Socal Work Program (MSW)

The MSW program, based in a regional, comprehensive public university, prepares advanced generalist practitioners to become effective leaders for socially just practice through the integration of skills, ethics, research, and theory, in advancing the well-being of individuals and society.

MSW - Advanced Standing Program

This program allows qualified BASW/BSW graduates to complete their MSW degree in four quarters in the full-time program or in seven quarters in the part-time programs. Students are admitted to the full-time program every summer quarter. Students are admitted to the part-time programs every three years, and sequencing of the Advanced Standing portion will vary by location.

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