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Leadership Certificate

The purpose of the Leadership Certificate is to educate and empower students to become proactive leaders in our society, regardless of chosen profession. The certificate provides an interdisciplinary course of study with a focus on the theoretical and experiential understanding of leadership. Students will benefit from a broad spectrum of classes that entail a leadership component. Collectively, these courses will provide a rich compilation of perspectives on leadership. Students will also benefit from the thorough examination and critique of their evolving leadership style.

Acceptance to the certificate program requires that students have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average in the certificate of 2.7, with no single course grade falling below 2.5.

What will I study?


Students must complete the following courses before admission to the certificate program:

ENGL 101 College Composition (5) (or equivalent)
One GECR course from Humanities and Fine Arts (PHIL 213 Moral Issues in America (5) recommended)
One GECR course from Social Sciences (SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (5) recommended)

Required Courses:

Leadership Basics-Choose one of the following (3 credits)

CSBS 200: Introduction to Leadership (3)
MLSC 203: Military Leadership (3)
Any other course (minimum 3 credits) that focuses on leadership skills (e.g., residential life leadership classes or student government leadership workshops). The certificate advisor will determine whether the course in question qualifies as a leadership basics course.

Theory and Philosophy-Select from the following (4-5 credits)

CMST 438 Communication in Leadership (5)
ITGS 400 Journeys in Leadership (4)
ITGS 400 Creating Change (4)

List 1: Group and Organization-Select from the following (5 credits)

CMST 250 Small Group Communication (5)
CMST 430 Communication in Organizations (5)
PSYC 381 Social Psychology (5)
SOCI 463 Complex Organizations (5)
SOCI 481 Social Psychology (5)

List 2: Leadership Concepts-Select from the following (9-10 credits)

CEDP 315 Psychology of Human Relations (4)
CEDP 316 Psychology of Adjustment (5)
CMST 210 Interpersonal Communication (5)
CMST 250 Small Group Communication (5)
CMST 312 Nonverbal Communication (1-5)
CMST 340 Intercultural Communication (5)
CMST 397 Workshop in Communication Studies (1-5)
CMST 400 Message Design (5)
CMST 413 Communication and Personal Relationships (5)
CMST/WMST 414 Gender and Communication (5)
CMST 430 Communicating in Organizations (5)
CMST 431 Communication Law and Ethics (5)
CMST 440 International Communication (5)
CMST 451 Argumentation and Persuasion (5)
ECON/WMST 427 The Economics of Women & Work (5)
HLED 201 Introduction to Health and Wellness (3)
HLED 38, Mind/Body/Spirit Health (3 )
IBUS/MGMT 471 Multinational People Management (4)
MGMT 326 Organization Theory and Behavior (4)
MLSC 401 Military Science and Tactics (4)PHIL 403 Advanced Ethics (5)
PHIL 411 Theory of Knowledge (5)
PSYC 431 Stress and Coping (3)
PSYC 484 Industrial and Organization Psychology (5)
PSYC 485 Managerial Psychology (5)
SOCI 443 Social Impact Assessment (5)
SOCI 463 Complex Organizations (5)
SOCI 471 Sociology of Work (5)
SOCI 482 Power Relations and Human Development (5)
XXXX 496/497/498 Topics class-requires prior approval of the certificate advisor


Two courses must be at the 400 level. No more than 5 credits can be taken from the student's major area. The course selected from List 1 cannot also satisfy a List 2 course option.

Note: Some courses on Lists 1 and 2 have pre-requisites that are not included in the Leadership Certificate program. Please review the Graduate and Undergraduate Catalog for pre-requisite information.

All students must complete the portfolio assessment course (2 credits)

CSBS 494, Leadership Portfolio (2)

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