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Certificate in Child and Family Support

Separate from the three options will be a certificate in Child and Family Support. This certificate will be available to majors who specialize in option C and to non-majors throughout the University. This certificate will provide a foundation for work as a child and family support specialist.


What will I study?

Required Courses:

CDST 402 Children's Rights, Laws, and Ethics (5)
EDUC385 Foundations of Developmentally Appropriate Practices (4)
EDUC 395 Methods for Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Practices (4)
PSYC484 Child Abuse Recognition and Strategies


SOWK492 Child Welfare and Services (5)
SPED 412 Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education (4)
SPED 415 Advocating for Families of Young Children with Special Needs (4)

Total Credits: 34-36

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